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Eminent people named Alice

Alice B. Toklas, Alice Babs, Alice Brady, Alice Braga, Alice Brown Davis, Alice Chetwynd Ley, Alice Childress, Alice Coachman, Alice Coltrane, Alice Cooper, Alice Cullen, Alice Evans, Alice Eve, Alice Faye, Alice Ghostley, Alice Greczyn, Alice Guy-Blaché, Alice Krige, Alice Mahon, Alice Munro, Alice Neel, Alice Parizeau, Alice Paul, Alice Peacock, Alice Pearce, Alice Pleasance Liddell, Alice Prin, Alice Rivlin, Alice Schwarzer, Alice Sebold, Alice Tegnér, Alice Timander, Alice Walker, Alice Waters, Alice White, Alice of the United Kingdom, Princess Alice of Albany.

What made Alice famous

Alice Walker is an African-American, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist known for The Color Purple.

What do people named Alice look like
Alice David
... の国♥」 82.html
Alice Isaaz en 2016 au festival du film de Cabourg
Alice Schwarzer zum Siebzigsten |
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 Alice - Avril Lavigne
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 Alice - Cocteau Twins
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 Alice - Tom Waits
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 Alice - Pogo
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 Alice - Two Tongues
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 Alice - Robert Francis
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 Alice - Stevie Nicks
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 Alice - Venus Hum
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 Alice - Son Little
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 Alice - Raven-Symoné
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 Alice - Bianca Ryan

Gift idea: Alice personalised song

Alice's Personalized Happy Birthday Song

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Alice music albums

Are there Alice DVDs? Yes!

Alice In Wonderland

Kathryn Beaumont, Heather Angel, Ed Wynn, Jerry Colonna, Verna Felton

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Peter Sellers, Dudley Moore, Roy Kinnear, Fiona Fullerton

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Alice in Wonderland

Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter

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Get a book on Alice

Perilous Waif

by: E. William Brown
My name is Alice Long, and I’ve always known I was different. When I was little I used to climb up to the highest branches of the housetree at night, and watch the starships docking at the orbital stations high above. Forty meters off the ground, watching ships thirty thousand kilometers overhead, with senses that could pick out radar pings and comm chatter as easily as the ships themselves. It all seemed perfectly natural at the time. There were other kids with mods at the orphanage, but nothing like that.
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Alice in Wonderland: The Complete Collection

by: Lewis Carroll, Golden Deer Classics
This edition includes 4 Classics Books+ 4 Audiobooks Links and an Active TOC
This book contains the Alice in Wonderland complete collection:
- Alice's Adventures Under Ground
- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
- Through the Looking Glass
- The Hunting of the Snark
- The Nursery 'Alice'
Here you will also find a chapter from "Through the Looking Glass" that was lost for more than 100 years.
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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: V&A Collector's Edition

by: Lewis Carroll
This beautiful hardback edition is one of five special Puffin Classics created in partnership with the world-famous V&A Museum, and has a stunning cover design adapted from their William Morris collection. You never know where you'll find yourself in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll! On an ordinary summer's afternoon, Alice tumbles down a hole and an extraordinary adventure begins. In a strange world with even stranger characters, she meets a grinning cat and a rabbit with a pocket watch, joins a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, and plays croquet with the Queen! Lost in this fantasy land, Alice finds herself growing more and more curious by the minute .
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Disney Alice in Wonderland 50th Anniversary Snowglobe


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Tom Whalen Alice in Wonderland Print Mondo Never Grow Up Disney


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Alice

English, French, Portuguese, Italian: From the Old French name Aalis, a short form of Adelais, itself a short form of the Germanic name Adalheidis (see Adelaide).
Celtic: Noble.
English: Of the nobility. From the German Adalheidis meaning nobility, and the French Adeliz which is a form of Adelaide. Used in Britian since the 12th century; Alice became very popular in 1865 when Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland was published.
French: Variant of Adelaide: Nobility. French form of the Old German 'Adalheidis', a compound of 'athal' (noble) and 'haida' (hood). Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, was named after Queen Adelaide, 19th century King William IV's consort.
German: From the Old German Adalheidis meaning nobility. Also sweet.
Shakespearean: 'King Henry V' Attendant to Katherine.
Teutonic: Noble humor.

Alice on the internet News and Education - Find Your Coffee Alice Pasquini Active Shooter Response Training- ALICE Training

Watch videos that make Alice unforgettable

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Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice (Official Video)

Music video by Smokie performing Living Next Door to Alice (Official Video). (C) 1976 Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH

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Alice | Pogo

Music and video by Pogo. Twitter: Bandcamp: Contact: SoundCloud: ...

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Dukes meet Alice

Alice with guest stars Boss Hogg and Enos.

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