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Anita (born 1990) from Ukraine said:
Best of name: Its rather rareNot so good: There're some ppl that wanna name me AnneNamed after: My mum named me by a singer, but I dont know who she wasExperience: Cant say smth special. I know that there 2 girls named Anita. There parents used to meet me before. Nothing else to add. I love my name, it makes me special)

Anita (born 1985) from Norway said:

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What made Anita famous

Anita Spanner, 22 December 1960 in Fürstenfeld District, Styria) is an Austrian singer, best known for her participation in the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest.

What do people named Anita look like
Anita Witzier 2010
Anita Ekberg in Boccaccio '70
... husband for 62 years of anne g nee joseph ...

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 Anita - Clem Snide
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 Anita - Neva Dinova
5 0
 Anita - Scrunter
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 Anita - Aaron Goldberg & Guillermo Klein
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 Anita - System Band
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 Anita - Los Morochucos
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 Anita - Linda Leida
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 Anita - Djordje Balasevic
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 Anita - Cintron
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 Anita - Prayz1
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 Anita - Costa Cordalis
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 Anita, You're Dreaming - Waylon Jennings
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 Anita - Fats Waller & His Rhythm

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Anita Personalized Birthday Song With Bonzo

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Anita music albums

Are there Anita DVDs? Yes!


Anita Hill

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Anita and Me

Max Beesley, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Anna Brewster, Kathy Burke, Ayesha Dharker

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Anita Ho

George Cheung, Lina So, Steve Myung, Elizabeth Sung, Albert Wong

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Danse Macabre

by: Laurell K. Hamilton
In the thralls of supernatural passion, Anita Blake faces a most human dilemma.
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Anita Goodesign All Access June 2017


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Anita Boudoir Doll 29" All blue Cowgirl Look


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Anita Goodesign ALL ACCESS VIP Club February 2017


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Anita

Spanish, Finnish, English: Spanish and Finnish diminutive of Ana.
English: Variant of Ann: A variant of Hannah introduced to Britain in the 13th century, made popular in the 14th century by the cult of St Anne. The form of the name varies with fashion:.
Hebrew: Grace.
Italian: Grace.
Spanish: A Spanish diminutive of Ann: graceful, merciful.
Ukrainian: Grace.

Watch videos that make Anita unforgettable

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Anita at the Nordic Games Conference 2017

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos: Right across the Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen, Denmark, you'll find the lovely ...

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भरलेली शिमला मिरची | Stuffed Shimla Mirch | Recipe By Anita Kedar

Stuffed simla mirachi. There are many variations of making the stuffing and even with different ingredients like paneer/cottage cheese, besan/gram flour and ...

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Halo - Anita ni nikoli


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Đorđe Balašević - Anita |Budimpeštanski Sneg| |Tekst| Đorđe Balašević - Anita [Budimpeštanski Sneg] Album - Dnevnik starog momka | 2001.| Da l' se bar ponekad ...

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