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People named Donna on their name

Donna (born 2000) from Netherlands said:
Best of name: It's just a beautifil name!!!Not so good: NothingNamed after: Becouse it means: lady

Donna (born 1957) from United States, CA said:
Best of name: It is unusual now. It means lady.Not so good: It is an older name. Is a derivative of Don.Named after: I was named after Donna ReedExperience: I change the spelling to Dawna for a time so that it would not be a derivative of Don.

Eminent people named Donna

Donna Adamo, Donna Cruz, Donna D'Errico, Donna Dixon, Donna Douglas, Donna Fargo, Donna Godchaux, Donna Karan, Donna Mills, Donna Murphy, Donna Pescow, Donna Rachele Mussolini, Donna Reed, Donna Rice, Donna Shalala, Donna Summer, Donna Tartt.

What do people named Donna look like
Donna SoraSpring/Summer 2017| Donna Abbiglamento ...
Donna Summer photo 6 of 10 pics, wallpaper
Donna Williams Mugshot
Donna Hayes
... marzo alidimare grafica alidimare festa ...

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Donna

English: From Italian donna meaning "lady".
Italian: Lady. Respectful title and female equivalent of Don.
Latin: Lady.

Donna on the internet Donna Karan – Donna Karan DONNA

Watch videos that make Donna unforgettable

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Ritchie Valens-Donna

Ritchie Valens-Donna.

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oh donna

donna un un exito de richie valens que en paz George.

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Joan Baez ~ Donna, Donna ~ ~ ...

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Donna Summer- Hot Stuff

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