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Erika from United States said:
Best of name: It's regal, powerful, classy, original and reflects my heritageNot so good: Nothing. I love my name!Named after: I'm not named after a famous person, I'm an original. My name was chosen to go with my crazy last name (offset it more like, with something pretty) and to reflect my heritage which is GermanExperience: I meet other people named erika very rarely but it's always a thrill when I do and especially when they spell it the same. I think it's more thrilling because our name is not that common especially with a k. You never hear two "laurens" or two "sarahs" meet and go "omg I'm sarah too!!because they meet tons of sarahs and laurens everyday.

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Eminent people named Erika

Erika Alexander, Erika Christensen, Erika Eleniak, Erika Flores, Erika Mann, Erika Miklósa, Erika Salumäe, Erika Sawajiri, Erika Slezak, Erika Steinbach, Erika Toda, Erika Umeda, Erika Yamakawa.

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Face Modeling Photo 165544, Erika Aurora Pistis
Erika Rosenbaum
Erika Bergmann
Imágenes de Erika Buenfil

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Erika

Scandinavian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Czech, Slovene, English: Feminine form of Erik.
Hungarian: Powerful.
Norse: Feminine form of Eric: Ever or eternal ruler. Island ruler. Famous bearer: 10th-century Norwegian explorer Eric the Red.
Scandinavian: Ever kingly. Feminine of Eric.
Swedish: Feminine form of Erik: rules forever.
Teutonic: Noble.

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Erika --- (Marschlied) (Hi-Fi)

Herms Niel, 1939 Erika is the other Name for the \

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Tigapagi - Erika | Video Lirik

Tigapagi - Erika | Video Lirik Great sounds from the archipelago! Disclaimer: Liriknya Musik Indie Indonesia does not claim ownership and acknowledges the...

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The Inner Circle with Jenny McCarthy: Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne, author of the book \

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