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What made Etta famous

Etta James is famous for "At Last" and to be swept aside for Beyonce is kind of like a slap in the face to her.

What do people named Etta look like
Simonetta Guarino
Original Album Classics

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Play songs that make Etta unforgettable

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 Etta - Bhi Bhiman
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 Etta James - Reid Genauer & the Assembly of Dust
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 Etta James - Assembly of Dust
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 Etta - Levee Town
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 Show Two With Etta Daley & Luther McCain - Groucho Marx
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 Etta's Theme - Burt Bacharach
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 Etta's Blues - Etta Jones
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 Ray and Etta - Bill Frisell

Etta music albums

Are there Etta DVDs? Yes!

Etta James & The Roots Band - Burnin' Down The house

Etta James & The Roots Band

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My Bible Friends DVD by Etta B. Degering Read by Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue

My Bible Friends DVD This is the 5 volume set on DVD <>Read by the original Uncle Dad and Aunt Sue! <> These popular stories, told by Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue, combined with video treatment of the beautiful scenes from the books, results in an exciting video/DVD that will hold the interest of preschoolers for hours. <> Vol. 1. Baby Moses, Baby Jesus, Joseph's New Coat, Joseph and His Brothers (25 min.). <> Vol. 2. Jesus and the Storm, Jesus and the Children, Samuel the Little Priest, David the Youngest Boy.
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The Fingerpicking Blues of Etta Baker

Etta Baker
"One of the signature chords of my guitar vocabulary comes from her version of "Railroad Bill." This was the first guitar picking style that I ever learned." –Taj Mahal Learn traditional fingerpicking blues from a legendary player! Etta Baker plays, sings and breaks down ten traditional and original tunes, offering a true down-home lesson in Piedmont style blues. Playing her dreadnaught acoustic and 1950's Gibson Les Paul, Etta's rock solid yet swinging fingerpicking is truly inspiring to watch.
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Get a book on Etta

Etta Mae's Worst Bad-Luck Day: A Novel

by: Ann B. Ross
A delightful standalone novel as told by the sassiest character in the beloved New York Times bestselling Miss Julia series. Don't miss Ann Ross's newest, Miss Julia Weathers The Storm, coming April 2017 from Viking. 
Heart-of-gold, hardscrabble Etta Mae Wiggins has bewitched Miss Julia fans as the steel magnolia’s sidekick in several New York Times–bestselling novels. At last, Etta Mae gets to speak for herself, and longtime readers and newcomers alike will love her story and her opinions of Miss Julia.
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The Art of Acquiring: A Portrait of Etta & Claribel Cone

by: Mary Gabriel
For four and a half decades, Etta and Claribel Cone roamed artists' studios and art galleries in Europe, building one of the largest, most important art collections in the world. At one time, these two independently wealthy Jewish women from Baltimore received offers from virtually every prominent art museum in the world, all anxious to house their hitherto private assemblage of modern art. In 1949, they awarded all their holdings to the Baltimore Museum of Art. In 2002, that collection was valued at nearly $1 billion, making them two of the most philanthropic art collectors of our age.
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Watch or bid on odd Etta collectibles on eBay

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Authentic All Original Tagged Etta Baby Boudoir Doll Vintage 1920-1930 era


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ETTA JAMES LP 1960 At Last! Debut Album 1st Press ARGO DG MONO Record Only


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My Bible Friends By Etta B. Degering Complete 1977 HC Set Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Etta

English: Short form of Henrietta and other names that end with etta.
English: Abbreviation for Henrietta and Harriette.
French: Diminutive of Henrietta: Keeper of the hearth. Rules her household. From Henriette, the French feminine form of Henry.
German: Little one.
Latin: Abbreviation for Henrietta and Harriette.
Teutonic: Ruler of the home.

Etta on the internet Etta B Pottery | Hot Out Of The Kiln!!!

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AT LAST Lyrics ETTA JAMES Original Version


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