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People named Julia on their name

Julia (born 2006) from Ireland said:
Best of name: There was once someone in my family she was called Julia and my mum named me Julia because that lady in my family was very nice,Julia is a very nice name.:)Not so good: Not sure!Named after: They liked it because of the name of the other person in my familyExperience: About the lucky parent in the past

Julia (born 1993) from United States, MI said:
Best of name: It is not super unusual, but us uncommon enough to where it is exciting to meet someone of the same name.Not so good: I get "Julia Gulia" a lot, from the Wedding SingerNamed after: Named after my great grandmother

Julia (born 1998) from Netherlands said:
Best of name: Julia and Romeo, a lot of thing are about Julia. And I love the name. I know a lot songs, films are going about Julia. :)Not so good: I love the name.Named after: They saw the name julia by a film.Experience: Films, other people, songs, books and more.

Eminent people named Julia

Julia Alexandratou, Julia Ann, Julia Ann Moore, Julia Bond, Julia Boutros, Julia Butterfly Hill, Julia Child, Julia Dent Grant, Julia Duffy, Julia Fischer, Julia Gillard, Julia Grant, Julia Jentsch, Julia Kristeva, Julia Lennon, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julia Mancuso, Julia Margaret Cameron, Julia Marlowe, Julia McKenzie, Julia Migenes, Julia Mullock, Julia Neigel, Julia Nunes, Julia Ormond, Julia Phillips, Julia Roberts, Julia Savicheva, Julia Sawalha, Julia Schultz, Julia Stegner, Julia Stiles, Julia Sweeney, Julia Taylor, Julia Tyler, Julia Ward Howe, Julia Wróblewska, Júlia Liptáková, Júlia Sebestyén.

What do people named Julia look like

Julia Geier
Julia Ragnarsson
aktorka: Julia Kamińska
DGKS Julia Abbasi Monem
... cayeron los presuntos asesinos de la ...
Julia Hackl
小喬流水: 京香JULIA 寫真

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Play songs that make Julia unforgettable

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 Julia - The Beatles
1 0
 Julia - The Very Best
2 3
 Julia - Fefe Dobson
0 0
 Julia - Phish
1 0
 Julia - Conway Twitty
10 0
 Julia - Chocolate Genius
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 Julia - Walk Off the Earth
6 4
 Julia - The Cataracs
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 Julia - Ludovico Einaudi
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 Julia - HorrorPops
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 Julia - Taken By Trees
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 Julia - El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Gift idea: Julia personalised song

"Julia's Personalized Happy Birthday Song "

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Julia music albums

Are there Julia DVDs? Yes!

Flexibility Yoga 30 Minute Workout To Boost Mobility - Julia Jarvis

Julia Jarvis

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Julie & Julia

Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci, Chris Messina, Linda Emond

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Julia's Eyes

Belén Rueda, Lluís Homar, Pablo Dequi

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Get a book on Julia

Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World

by: Julia Rothman
See the world in a whole new way! Acclaimed illustrator Julia Rothman combines art and science in this exciting and educational guide to the structure, function, and personality of the natural world. Explore the anatomy of a jellyfish, the inside of a volcano, monarch butterfly migration, how sunsets work, and much more. Rothman’s whimsical illustrations are paired with interactive activities that encourage curiosity and inspire you to look more closely at the world all around you. 
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Julia's Daddy

by: ML Michaels
A secret romance four years ago had unexpected consequences for Valerie North. Now a young mother still living in her hometown, her life revolves around her daughter and the small newspaper where she’s honing her writing skills. When her brother comes home for a visit, she’s ecstatic until she finds out who is with him—Justin Brown—the green-eyed boy she never thought she’d see again. Except on TV, of course. The feelings she had for him still run deep, but her fears run much deeper.
Justin has a promising career in the NHL and a lifetime of opportunity ahead of him.
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Books for Girls - 4 Great Stories for 8 to 12 year olds: Julia Jones' Diary, Horse Mad Girl, Diary of an Almost Cool Girl and Diary of Mr TDH

by: Katrina Kahler, B Campbell, Kaz Campbell
4 Books for Girls that you will LOVE! Best Selling Authors - Katrina Kahler, Bill Campbell and Kaz Campbell want to entertain you with these fabulous stories - Julia Jones' Diary, Diary of a Horse Mad Girl, Diary of an Almost Cool Girl and Diary of Mr TDH (Tall Dark and Handsome). These are all the first books of the series and girls everywhere rave about them. Perfect for girls aged 8 to 12! Hope you enjoy them! Julia Jones' Diary - Book 1 - My Worst Day Ever! Diary of a Horse Mad Girl - Book 1 - My First Pony Diary of an Almost Cool Girl - Book 1 - Meet Maddi Diary of Mr TDH - Book 1 - My Life Has Changed
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Watch or bid on odd Julia collectibles on eBay

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2011 W G$10 Gold First Spouse Julia Grant Uncirculated 1/2 oz Half Ounce, Scarce


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FURLA JULIA White Saffiano Leather Chain Shoulder Bag Crossbody


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Furla Julia Mini Crossbody Bag Onxy Black Leather Gold Chain


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Put Julia on the map

Historic meaning and origin of the name Julia

Portuguese, Hungarian, Slovak: Portuguese, Hungarian and Slovak form of Julia.
English, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Finnish, Ancient Roman, Biblical: Feminine form of Julius.
French: Youthful.
Greek: Feminine form of Julius: Downy. Hairy. Derived from the clan name of Roman dictator Gaius Julius Caesar.
Latin: Young. The feminine form of Julius. A character in Shakespeare's play 'Two Gentlemen of Verona'.
Shakespearean: 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' A lady of Verona, beloved of Proteus.
Swedish: Youth.

Julia on the internet

julialang.org: The Julia Language

Watch videos that make Julia unforgettable

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Julia - Around | Officiële Videoclip Junior Songfestival 2014

http://juniorsongfestival.nl Alle finalisten van het Junior Songfestival hebben een eigen videoclip opgenomen. Dit is Julia met haar zelfgeschreven nummer ...

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Julia houdt het niet droog in de finale - IDOLS

Julia zingt haar prachtige 'Ken Je Mij' opnieuw in de finale. Het nummer heeft zo'n emotionele lading dat ze het weer moeilijk heeft. Abonneer je GRATIS voor ...

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus: We Don’t Say \

A certain leader of the free world stole \

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Julia Michaels - Issues (Live From The 2017 Billboard Music Awards)

Issues (Live From The 2017 Billboard Music Awards) Song available here: https://republic.lnk.to/JuliaMichaelsIssuesYD Keep up with Julia: ...

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