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Kassandra (born 2002) from United States, TX said:
Best of name: It was on a tv showNot so good: Its too commonNamed after: The tv showExperience: A movie/tv show

Kassandra (born 1995) from United States, CA said:

What do people named Kassandra look like

36088212 ICKPZCLGJ
Nume Kassandra Voyagis Nota
Kassandra Clementi (Maddy Osborne in Home ...
05 (Kassandra Lapointe)
Kassandra Sandoval
Kassandra Perea Villalba
Kassandra Ayon Bustamante
Kassandra Soledad Munoz
Kassandra Mayra

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How About

Cassandra's Silly Farm

Kassandra: Kassandra

"Imagine Cassandra as a Dentist "

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 Kassandra the Snake - Gretchen Parlato
6 0
 Kassandra's Coffee Night - Kassandra
0 0
 Kassandra - Yantra Mantra
3 0
 Kassandra - Raza
16 4
 Kassandra - Frame By Frame
10 0
 Intro: Kassandra - Mantus
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 Kassandra - Albin Skoda
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 Kassandra - Nihilo
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 Kassandra - Studio for New Music & Igor Dronov
9 0
 Kassandra - Faye Patton
8 0
 Kassandra - Roland Auzet
3 0
 Kassandra - The Dagons

Gift idea: Kassandra personalised song

"Cassandra's Personalized Happy Birthday Song "

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Kassandra music albums

Schillings: Kassandra / Wagner, S.: Sehnsucht / Harris: ...

Kassandra EP

Kassandra, Let's Sing For Jesus

Kassandra en chansons

Are there Kassandra DVDs? Yes!

Kassandra - Capitulo 3 & 4: Edicion Especial

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Get a book on Kassandra

Raven Mask

by: Winter Pennington
“I stared down at the lifeless body of a boy whose face was all too familiar…”
Following the execution of Lukas Morris, Preternatural Private Investigator Kassandra Lyall told herself that she’d learn more about the local werewolf pack’s Alpha female. Just as she begins her investigation, she’s interrupted by a phone call from friend and ex-colleague, Detective Arthur Kingfisher. The body of a sixteen-year-old boy has been found. It’s not just any sixteen-year-old boy, it’s Timothy Nelson, a boy Kassandra knew was curious about the preternatural.
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by: Christa Wolf
In Kassandra greift Christa Wolf auf einen Mythos des abendländischen Patriarchats zurück, den Trojanischen Krieg. Während Kassandra, die Seherin, auf dem Beutewagen des Agamemnon sitzt, überdenkt sie noch einmal ihr Leben. Mit ihrem Ringen um Autonomie legt sie Zeugnis ab von weiblicher Erfahrung in der Geschichte.
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A Fallen Hero Rises

by: M Joseph Murphy
The power to alter reality makes Tadgh the most powerful man on the planet. That's why the demons want him.
Three hundred years ago, a group of heroes imprisoned a dark god and his lieutenants in a hell dimension known as the Void. Since then, the people of Maghe Sihre have lived in relative peace. Now, a secret war brews at the edge of civilization.
Tadgh Dooley, a young man from Earth, is burdened with a dangerous and impossible power.
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Tobi Lulus Kassandra Backless Red Party Skater Dress New Years Sexy Xsmall


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Kassandra Classic 3-Piece Entertainment Console Set


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Kassandra Elegant TV Cosole Entertainment Stand Pier Cabinet Glass Door Drawers


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Kassandra

Greek Mythology, English (Modern): Ancient Greek form of Cassandra, as well as a modern English variant.
Greek: Unheeded prophetess. In Homer's 'The Iliad' Cassandra's prediction of the fall of Troy was unheeded.

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El Caso de "Kassandra Bravo" de Michoacan || Completo.

Mi Facebook →→→→ http://adf.ly/cihrr Mi Blogg →→→→ http://adf.ly/cla4J Suscribete para mas noticias y puedes localizarme por facebook. - Kassandra Bravo, Eri...

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El padrastro presuntamente mató a Kassandra

MORELIA, Mich., 15 de diciembre de 2014.- José Martín Godoy Castro, procurador General de Justicia del Estado, reveló que fue el padrastro, Daniel M., de 42 ...

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Kassandra Capítulo 15 Completo!

Tá aí galera vcs pediram e estou postando mais um capitulo dessa novela q marcou a história de muita gente! Créditos NMD2!

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