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People named Lalita on their name

Lalita (born 1995) from France said:
Best of name: It's not mainstreamNot so good: It sounds indianNamed after: Because they thought lolita at first then changed it into Lalita to make it specialExperience: Everyone sings a french song called "Moi Lolita" when they hear my name

What do people named Lalita look like
... famous mother-daughter pair is “Mew” ...
Lalita Pawar in Sharabi (1964)
oday is the divine appearance of srimati ...
The Divine Mother Lalita
Lalita Ahmed as ‘Asha’ in “Bhaji on ...
Gefundene Bilder zu: Lalita Svete ?
Lalita Chulamokha, M.D.
Lalita Linda Habib
Lalita Ables

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Lalita Pancharatnam

Lalita Devi - Yogini

Lalita Labanga Lata Pareesilana

Lalita music albums


Are there Lalita DVDs? Yes!

Professor *Shammi Kapoor, Kalapana, Lalita Pawar

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Lalita Sangeetam M Balamuralikrishna Vol3

Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna (Telugu: ?????????? ?????????????)  pronunciation (help·info) (born July 6, 1930) is a Carnaticvocalist, multi-instrumentalist and a playback singer. He is also acclaimed as a poet, composer and respected by all Indian classical musicians for his knowledge of Carnatic Music.
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Cane River 1st Edition by Tademy, Lalita

Hard cover book
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by: V RAVI
Lalitāmbikā is the embodiment of compassion as She is fondly addressed as Śrī Mātā, which means the mother of the universe. She is fondly worshipped through many means such as worshipping Śrī Cakra, meditating on Her through japa mantra-s such as Pañcadaśī and ṣodaśī, singing Her praise through various verses, etc. The important among the last one is Her most celebrated Sahasranāma, which was authored by Her very close attendants in Her presence and in Her place. Every name used in this Sahasranāma has got gross and subtle meaning.
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Lalita-Sahasranama with Bhaskararaya's Commentary

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Stonegate Lalita Black 9 x 13 Nylon Woven Rug by Shaw. 3VG1312600 Liquidation


13 2

Swivel Dining Chair [ID 3164827]


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Lalita

Indian, Hindu Mythology: Means "playful, charming, desirable" in Sanskrit.
Hindi: Named for the Lalita Vistara.
Sanskrit: Pleasant; Playful. In Hindu mythology Lalita is mistress and playmate to the Krishna.

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