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Lillian from United States, AL said:
Best of name: Not many people had the name when I was born.Not so good: It makes me sound like I'm 90. So I go by Lillie.Named after: It was my great grandmother's name and she was a "family hero"Experience: Everyone thinks I'm like a fairy or something because my name is so "whimsical". I hate that. I'm just like any other teenager with a crap name.

Eminent people named Lillian

Lillian Asplund, Lillian Board, Lillian Copeland, Lillian Ellison, Lillian Gish, Lillian Hellman, Lillian Leitzel, Lillian Moller Gilbreth, Lillian Russell.

What made Lillian famous

Lillian Vernon is famous for it catalogs, kids merchandise, shipping efficiency, personalization of products, and general merchandising expertise.
Lillian Axe was mildly famous for back in the Eighties.
Lillian Hoban is well known for her ten books about Arthur the chimpanzee and two books about Silly Tilly.
Lillian Gilbreth is known for many things, but perhaps most of all as one of the first women to "have it all" - a career as well as twelve children.
Lillian Schwartz, an American artist, is known for some of the first use of computers in computer developed art.

What do people named Lillian look like
Lillian Gish
Catherine Dickens finds a 21st century ally ...
Lillian Irene Key
Lillian Ellen Jones
Lillian Kattelmann
陳立冷(莉 安 , Lillian)|写真 |相册-宅男 神

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Batman #181 (1966) CGC 4.0 1st Poison Ivy (Pamela Lillian Isley) KEY


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BILLIE DOVE Original 1957 Passport - Lillian Bohny Kenaston


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Lillian

English: Probably originally a diminutive of Elizabeth.
English: Variant of Lillian derived from the flower name Lily. Symbol of innocence; purity; beauty.
Latin: Variant of Lilian: Lily (after the flower). Pure.

Lillian on the internet - リリアン オフィシャルホーム ... Lillian Winery Lillian Too's Official Website Lillian Farms Bed & Breakfast Brenham Texas Lodging … Business Management | Business Solutions Lillian Rose Choppers Reborn Baby Doll Kits and Reborning Supplies to suit … Lillian Bakery (Shanghai) 上海莉莲蛋挞 Lillian Vernon - Personalized Gifts, Gifts for Kids ... Florist Lillian Rose Flowers- Florists offering ...

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Plus 44 - Lillian (Lyrics)

These are the lyrics for the song Lillian by Plus 44 ENJOY! :D.

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THE BOYZ 더보이즈 專訪!猜猜誰是撒嬌王? | Lillian的韓星專訪 | Lilliansssssss

THE BOYZ在4月3日將會出新歌《Giddy Up》,在歌曲推出前,Lillian就為大家找來THE BOYZ優先介紹一下新歌,更大玩遊戲看看誰是撒嬌王!馬上去片吧!...

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Lillian Lippeatt - Floor Exercise - 2017 U.S. Classic - Junior Competition

Score: 13.150 (5.1, 8.050) July 29, 2017 - Sears Centre Arena - Hoffman Estates, Ill. Hit that LIKE button to show your support for USA Gymnastics! SUBSCRIBE to the USA Gymnastics YouTube...

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Lillian Askeland - Detroit City

Lillian Askeland - Detroit City.

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