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People named Liselotte on their name

Liselotte (born 1964) from Sweden said:
Best of name: Not so many is called LiseLotteNot so good: Too longNamed after: I don't know, guess they just liked it

Eminent people named Liselotte

Liselotte Pulver, Liselotte von der Pfalz.

What made Liselotte famous

Liselotte Kunkel is known for her course and concert activities in jazz improvisation on the church organ.

What do people named Liselotte look like
Liselotte Pulver

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 Liselotte Polka - Hofbräuhaus-Festkapelle
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 Liselotte - Mirco
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 Liselotte - Grete Klitgaard
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 Liselotte - Hinz & Kunz
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 Liselotte - Erling Stordahl & Gunnar Engedahl
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 Liselotte - Eindeloos
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 Liselotte - Lily Broberg
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 Liselotte - HARMONIKA FAMILIEN Olsen fra Rødby
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 Liselotte Lindenlaan - Harrie Jekkers
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 LIselotte Quetschkommode - Astrid Hauke
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 Liselotte-Polka - Jodlerin Lissi Aus Dem Hofbräuhaus

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Justene Berenice Liselotte Gertrude
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Liselotte

German, Danish: Contraction of Lisa and Charlotte.

Watch videos that make Liselotte unforgettable

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Versailles 2x8 Liselotte is pregnant


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Liselotte - Grete Klitgaard

Vi mindes Grete Klitgaard.

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Versailles 2x8 Liselotte is sick


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Liselotte and Chevalier Versailles


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