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Best of name: Because I look like Olivia holtNot so good: People call u ni

Eminent people named Nicole

Nicole Anderson, Nicole Appleton, Nicole Ari Parker, Nicole Brossard, Nicole Brown Simpson, Nicole Brunner, Nicole DeBoer, Nicole DeHuff, Nicole Eggert, Nicole Garcia, Nicole Gius, Nicole Kidman, Nicole Manske, Nicole Marie Lenz, Nicole Ohlde, Nicole Paggi, Nicole Parker, Nicole Richie, Nicole Saba, Nicole Scherzinger, Nicole Sullivan, Nicole Trunfio, Nicole Vaidišová, Nicole Voss.

What made Nicole famous

Nicole Richie is no longer famous for being famous.
Nicole Beharie is best known for her roles in American Violet with Alfre Woodard, and most recently The Express.
Nicole Kidman, BotoxKidman is also known for her regular, if not abuse, of Botox.
Nicole De Vésian is well known for her career in fashion at the House of Hermes, but at the ripe age of 69, she found new fame working with a fabric of a three dimensional sort.
Nicole Hollander is best known for the comic strip Sylvia.

What do people named Nicole look like
Nicole Kidman

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Anna Nicole Smith signed 8x10 photo, psa dna


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Nicole

French, English, Dutch: French feminine form of Nicholas, commonly used in the English-speaking world since the middle of the 20th century.
Greek: Feminine form of Nicholas: People's victory.

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Nicole Richie Gets a Dance Lesson from tWitch

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Nicole Boggs Challenges Zhavia | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE FOUR

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Nicole Cherry - Uneori (Official Video)

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Nicole- 20 años


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