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Nina (born 1988) from Italy said:
Best of name: GentleroNot so good: RockNamed after: In honor of grandparentsExperience: Nina Ricci perfume

Eminent people named Nina

Nina Badrić, Nina Bawden, Nina Björk, Nina Bocharova, Nina Bott, Nina Brosh, Nina Foch, Nina Garcia, Nina Gordon, Nina Hagen, Nina Hamnett, Nina Hartley, Nina Kaczorowski, Nina Li Chi, Nina Liu, Nina Persson, Nina Ricci, Nina Schenk von Stauffenberg, Nina Siemaszko, Nina Simone, Nina Totenberg.

What do people named Nina look like
Nina Bott
Pictures & Photos of Nina Arianda
Sviatoslav Richter Blog: Ashkenazy and Nina ...
Sila@mgatolnast ig/

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 Nina - Kardinal Offishall
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 Nina - Rubén Blades & Cheo Feliciano
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 Nina - Woolfy & Projections
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 Nina - Mel Tormé

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Georg Jensen Fusion 3-piece Ring Gold with Diamonds by Nina Koppel


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Get it While You Can !!! VERY RARE Fille d' Eve VERY RARE Nina Ricci Micro Mini


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Lladro Winter Frost 5287 Nina Invierno Girl Porcelain Figurine Retired w/Box


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Nina

Russian, Italian, English, German, French, Polish, Slovene, Czech, Slovak: Short form of names that end in nina, such as Antonina and Giannina.
Near Eastern Mythology: Meaning unknown.
Native American: Means "fire" in Quechua.
Russian: Russian form of Nino.
English: Favor; grace. Variant of Ann or Anne: A variant of Hannah introduced to Britain in the 13th century.
Hebrew: Grace.
Native American: Strong.
Russian: Russian diminutive of the name Anne: favour; grace.
Spanish: Girl.

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nina nonstop love songs

NINA SONGS----- 01-Nina-Love moves... 02-Nina-Sweet then... 03-Nina-Stay(With.. 04-Nina-Burn(F.C... 05-Nina-Throught T... 06-Nina-Fall For you.

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Nina - Renditions of the Soul (2009)

Renditions of the Soul is the fifth studio album by Filipino singer Nina, released in the Philippines on August 27,2009 by Warner Music. The album contains a ...

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Nina Live

Live performance of Nina.

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Nina - Someday (Official Music Video)

Warner Music Philippines | Nina - Someday Get Nina songs on your fone! Text SMDY to 5677 to get \

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