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Norah (born 1996) from Slovakia said:
Best of name: It's the title of one of Henrik Ibsen's drama.Not so good: It sounds too serious.Named after: It was my father's wish to name me Norah, my mother wanted name Sra for me.Experience: I know lot of Norah.

Eminent people named Norah

Norah Jones, Norah Lofts, Norah McGuinness.

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norah jones

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 Nick & Norah's Theme - Mark Mothersbaugh
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 Norah - Stephen Gordon
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 Rita - Featuring Norah Jones - Rachel Loshak
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 An Ode to Norah Barnes (Bonus Track) - Adept
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 I Miss You Norah - James Orrigo aka Lad in a Battle

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Norah Jones “Come Away With Me" Original Uk 2012 gatefold 200gm vinyl Lp


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Norah Wellings Sailor, T.S.S. Caledonia, Steam Ship


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Norah

Irish, English: Variant of Nora.
French: Diminutive of Eleanora: A variant of Eleanor, derived from the Greek Helen.
Greek: Light.
Hebrew: Light.
Irish: Variant of Nora: Diminutive of Honor.
Italian: Diminutive of Leonora: Light. Diminutive of Eleanora.
Latin: Honour.

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Best Songs of Norah Jones Full Album 2018 - Norah Jones Greatest Hits

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