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People named Norah on their name

Norah (born 1996) from Slovakia said:
Best of name: It's the title of one of Henrik Ibsen's drama.Not so good: It sounds too serious.Named after: It was my father's wish to name me Norah, my mother wanted name Sára for me.Experience: I know lot of Norah.

Eminent people named Norah

Norah Jones, Norah Lofts, Norah McGuinness.

What do people named Norah look like
Norah Jones
Norah O Donnell Picture 15718502
Gallery images and information: Norah Odonnell

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Play songs that make Norah unforgettable

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 Nick & Norah's Theme - Mark Mothersbaugh
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 Norah - Stephen Gordon
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 Rita - Featuring Norah Jones - Rachel Loshak
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 An Ode to Norah Barnes (Bonus Track) - Adept
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 I Miss You Norah - James Orrigo aka Lad in a Battle

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Norah Personalized Birthday Song With Bonzo

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Norah music albums

Are there Norah DVDs? Yes!

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Michael Cera, Kat Dennings, Alexis Dziena, Ari Graynor, Aaron Yoo

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Norah Jones - Front Row Center

Norah Jones

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Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Michael Cera, Kat Dennings, Alexis Dziena, Ari Graynor, Aaron Yoo
After a chance encounter, Nick and Norah embark on a journey through New York's indie rock scene on a quest to find the secret show of a legendary band, and wind up finding each other.
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Get a book on Norah


by: Kimberly Lewis
He may not be a cowboy… But that won’t stop him from wrangling her heart. Chase O’Donnell is the proud new owner of the Caldwell Ranch—or maybe he’s not so proud. Annoyed would be more like it. After receiving the news of his inheritance, Chase’s first thought is to sell the ranch and be done with it—until one night with a beautiful blonde at a local honky-tonk has him changing his tune… Norah McKade is surprised by her instant attraction to the handsome new stranger and even more surprised when she finds out he’s her new neighbor.
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Norah's Ark: Love Me, Love My Dog #2

by: Judy Baer
Hi, my name is Bentley. I'm a mutt with a dash of pit bull in the soup, and I have issues. I'm not likely to win any beauty pageants, and I'm afraid of cats. But my human, Norah Kent, thinks I'm the greatest despite all my shortcomings. The problem is Norah won't go out with anyone who doesn't like me. Norah says she's perfectly happy being single, and that in God's time she'll marry Mr. Right. But I think God's time may be right now, and Mr. Right may be Officer Nick Haley -- the one guy who's afraid of a kitten-fearing basket case of a dog like me! I'll do just about anything to bring Norah and Nick together, even if I have to go .
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Norah's Children

by: Ann O'Farrell
How much is an individual the product of his or her upbringing? To what extent is the sense of family, its pride and bonding, a part of an individual's soul and character? Ann O'Farrell narrates a story of a family's inexplicable dissolution--five children tragically split and cast off to separate worlds. In the span of fourteen formative years their story unfolds, touching the very core of what is the essence of family and attachment. Set in the rural Ireland of the 1920's and 30's, the tale is wonderfully painted in expressive detail, settings and emotion.
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NWT $198 Sold Out Norah Swing Dress By Tanvi Kedia XS Anthropologie Calthia Boho


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TOMMY HILFIGER Norah Double-Sided Saffiano Faux Leather Tote Bag Msrp $148.00


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Norah

Irish, English: Variant of Nora.
French: Diminutive of Eleanora: A variant of Eleanor, derived from the Greek Helen.
Greek: Light.
Hebrew: Light.
Irish: Variant of Nora: Diminutive of Honor.
Italian: Diminutive of Leonora: Light. Diminutive of Eleanora.
Latin: Honour.

Norah on the internet Norah Jones

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Best Songs Of Norah Jones - Norah Jones Greatest Hits 2017

Best Songs Of Norah Jones - Norah Jones Greatest Hits 2017 Best Songs Of Norah Jones - Norah Jones Greatest Hits 2017.

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