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Eminent people named Patty

Patty Andrews, Patty Berg, Patty Donahue, Patty Duke, Patty Griffin, Patty Hearst, Patty Loveless, Patty Maloney, Patty McCormack, Patty Murray, Patty Schnyder, Patty Smyth, Patty Waters.

What made Patty famous

Patty Duke was famous for her portrayal of Helen Keller in the 1962 film The Miracle Worker.
Patty Briguglio is known for getting results.
Patty Larkin is widely known for her compelling, emotionally charged songs and powerful guitar techniques.

What do people named Patty look like
Patty Ross
Patricia Brinson (pattywinki) on Pinterest
侯佩岑Patty Hou高清电脑 桌面壁纸-4 1280x1024 壁纸下载

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Patti's Ratties 9" Bear Halloween Pumpkin Lantern OOAK Patti Sikes Doll Artist


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<< Patty, TN 37325, USA (TN, Polk)

Historic meaning and origin of the name Patty

English: Originally a variant of Matty, a 17th-century diminutive of Martha.
Aramaic: Diminutive of Martha: Lady.
German: Diminutive of Matilda: Strength in battle. Matilda was the wife of William the Conqueror. Used in Australia as slang for a bushman's pack.
Latin: Diminutive of Patricia: Noble. St. Patricia was a 7th century patron saint of Naples.

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Patty: H Pio Omorfi Istoria - 06 H Antonella Einai Mia Ypouli Pseutra! (Best OFF)

Oi \

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Patty: H Pio Omorfi Istoria - 07 \

Tragoudia: 1) Gasolina: 9:23 2) Amigos Del Corazon: 11:31 To Neo Tragoudi tis Patty: \

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patty episode 101 part 1 (Greek)

Τα πνευματικά δικαιώματα του βίντεο δεν μου ανήκουν! Το επεισόδιο το έχω πάρει από το Mega Channel.

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