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People named Roberta on their name

Roberta (born 1997) from Brazil said:
Best of name: It's not commonNot so good: It looks ugly in some languagesNamed after: I don't knowExperience: My best childhood friend was also name roberta

Eminent people named Roberta

Roberta Bondar, Roberta Close, Roberta Flack, Roberta McCain, Roberta Pedon, Roberta Peters, Roberta Williams.

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... singer’s fourth album, Roberta Flack ...
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Roberta Invernizzi / soprano

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Roberta

English, Italian, Spanish: Feminine form of Robert.
English: Famous.
German: Feminine form of Robert: Famed, bright; shining. An all-time favorite boys' name since the Middle Ages. Famous Bearers: Scottish national hero Robert the Bruce and novelist Robert Ludlum.
Teutonic: Sparkling fame.

Roberta on the internet Roberta's_Gardens Roberta Roller Rabbit: Roberta Roller Rabbit | Travel ...

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PEPPINO DI CAPRI (born Giuseppe Faiella in Naples, Italy on July 27, 1939) is a great Italian popular music singer, songwriter and pianist. His international hits ...

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Exitos con marimba - Roberta presentado por TIn Tan y algunas escenas de sus peliculas

Una cancion muy buena con marimba, llamada Roberta, como un tributo al gran TIn Tan fue editado bajo algunas escenas de baile de sus peliculas. kruz ®

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Várok rád még egy éjszakát - Roberta


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