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Eminent people named Albert

Albert Alonzo Ames, Albert Ballin, Albert Band, Albert Belle, Albert Bierstadt, Albert Calmette, Albert Camus, Albert Castelyns, Albert Celades, Albert Christoph Dies, Albert Claude, Albert Coates, Albert Cohen, Albert Costa, Albert DeSalvo, Albert Einstein, Albert Ellis, Albert F. Mummery, Albert Ferrer, Albert Finney, Albert Fish, Albert Francis Capone, Albert Gallatin, Albert Goldthorpe, Albert Gore Sr., Albert Gustaf Dahlman, Albert Hill, Albert Hofmann, Albert Hourani, Albert I, Albert III, Albert IV, Albert Jacka, Albert Jean Amateau, Albert Jorquera, Albert Kesselring, Albert Lamorisse, Albert Lebrun, Albert Luque, Albert Millaire, Albert Murray, Albert Payson Terhune, Albert Pierrepoint, Albert Pujols, Albert Reed, Albert Rosellini, Albert Salmi, Albert Sarraut, Albert Schweitzer, Albert Spalding, Albert Tucker, Albert Uderzo, Albert Van Vlierberghe, Albert Victor Bäcklund, Albert Voorn, Albert Whitlock, Albert the Warlike, Prince Albert Victor, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Sir Albert Richardson.

What do people named Albert look like
Albert Einstein Head
PHOTOS: Gravitational waves detected: Here's ...

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 Albert - Langston Hughes
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 Albert - Jenny Scheinman
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 Misty Morning, Albert Bridge - The Pogues
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 Fat Albert (Buck, Buck) - Bill Cosby
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 Albert - Wilsontking
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 Albert - Essential Logic
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 Albert Flasher - The Guess Who
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 Albert Goes West - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Watch or bid on odd Albert collectibles on eBay

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 9ct Rose Gold Double Albert Pocket Watch Chain 39.3 grams...39cm (15.25") long


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Antique rose gold double Albert chain


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Old FRENCH violin certified authentic, Albert DEBLAYE 1923


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Albert

English, French, German, Slovene, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Scandinavian, Ancient Germanic: From the Germanic name Adalbert, which was composed of the elements adal "noble" and beraht "bright".
English: Noble, bright. From the Old German name Adalbert. Famous bearers: Prince Albert was Queen Victoria's consort who gave enthusiastic support to the applications of science. Albert Einstein discovered the Theory of Relativity.
German: Intelligent or noble.
Hungarian: Bright or noble.
Swedish: Strong as a bear.
Teutonic: Illustrious.

Albert on the internet Albert - Interactive Learning for Test Prep, STEM, …

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Oh No! The end of Albert?

Something terrible happened...

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Jeg har været ude på strøget og testet om folk havde talent! Danmark har talent på TV 2 PLAY: Danmark har talents YouTube kanal:

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'Albert' Holiday Movie | First Official Trailer | Nick

Meet Albert! He may not be the tallest tree, but he's in for the biggest adventure of the season! Catch the new Nickelodeon Holiday movie featuring the voices of Bobby Moynihan, Sasheer Zamata,...

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NOVOGODISNJI / SPLET /♫ 2018 ALBERT & NECA POJAVA BAND VIDEO PRODUCTION STUDIO ROMA FULL HD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POJAVA...

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