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People named Alex on their name

Alex (born 1992) said:
Best of name: I think it's unique, I don't know it just sounds so manly or boyish when it comes as a male name and it sound sexy when it is on a female name, as you can see it's an unisex nameNot so good: Sometimes it's a rather common name, so if you're at a group with someone named the same you might get confused as to who are they referring to or who are they calling when they call your name, so one of them has got to compromise and change it a little bit, or you just add your last name or get called by a nickname or somethingNamed after: They kind of liked the name, and eventually I got to like it with time, got used to being called like that, although only a few people call me like thatExperience: I know it sounds crazy but I feel identified or related with other people named the same, and I can see we share some traits in common

Alex (born 1999) from Canada said:
Best of name: I don't like it at all, actually, so this probably isn't helpful. But at least it sounds boyish, so it suits me.Not so good: It sounds plain and there's at least five other Alex's in my class.Named after: I know the stories for my middle names, I'm just not sure about my first. I think it was my great grandmother's middle name.. Special.Experience: I have a good friend named Alex so we both turn around when someone says the name. They're usually talking to him.

Alex from United States, CA said:
Best of name: My full name is Alexandra, and I like what it means. Plus, there's so many nicknames that can be associated with it.Not so good: It's really common. When people call out to someone named Alex, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll get more than one person to turn and look at you. It gets really confusing sometimes.

Alex (born 1998) from Ireland said:
Best of name: It has an A and an X in it! It also sounds calm.Not so good: Mmm...It's too short?Named after: Dunno. They just liked it.Experience: I know like 3 or 4 other Alexs. Also my history teacher calls me Sasha sometimes because apparently it's the russian translation.

Alex (born 1997) from United States said:
Best of name: You can have a lot of NICE nick names Oh & my name is fully Alexandra so it goes with the Band asking alexandria ! :DNot so good: People say Alex sometimes and they mean it in a boy way .Named after: They said it went with how I lookedExperience: My boyfriend made a song about me

People related to Alex on the name

A user from India said:
Best of name: ModernNot so good: Sounds good

A user from United States, FL said:
Best of name: Though most are loud and sometimes obnoxious, there are the few Alex's that are the quiet-shy type and the best friend you can have.Not so good: Most are loud and annoying, sorry :D

Eminent people named Alex

Alex Auld, Alex Band, Alex Bassi, Alex Baumann, Alex Boyd, Alex Breckenridge, Alex Brooks, Alex Caffi, Alex Chilton, Alex Cintrón, Alex D. Linz, Alex Delvecchio, Alex English, Alex Escobar, Alex Gordon, Alex Grammas, Alex Greenwald, Alex Haley, Alex Higgins, Alex Holmes, Alex Jesaulenko, Alex Jones, Alex Kahn, Alex Kingston, Alex Koroknay-Palicz, Alex Kozinski, Alex Lester, Alex Lloyd, Alex Machacek, Alex Manninger, Alex McLeish, Alex Meraz, Alex Nackman, Alex North, Alex O'Loughlin, Alex Pompez, Alex Ribeiro, Alex Rios, Alex Rocco, Alex Salmond, Alex Shibicky, Alex Skolnick, Alex Smith, Alex Smithies, Alex Sperafico, Alex Stepney, Alex Tagliani, Alex Tanguay, Alex Trebek, Alex Turner, Alex Ubago, Alex Van Halen, Alex Vincent, Alex Wheatle, Alex Zanardi, Alex Zane, Alex Zülle, Alex de Angelis, Sir Alex Ferguson, Álex López Morón.

What do people named Alex look like
Alex Faickney Osborn
Sam Ermolenko | Guy Allen 'Sudden Sam' ...
Alex Grey's Obama
Alex Livinalli

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Alex

English, Dutch: Short form of Alexander, Alexandra, and other names beginning with Alex.
English: Abbreviation of Alexander defender of mankind.
Greek: Diminutive of Alexander: Defender of men; protector of mankind.

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