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Eminent people named Alphonse

Alphonse Daudet, Alphonse Desjardins, Alphonse Francois Renard, Alphonse Juin, Alphonse Mouzon, Alphonse Ouimet, Alphonse de Lamartine, Alphonse of Toulouse.

What made Alphonse famous

Alphonse Mucha is mainly famous for his stylish art-noveau paintings of female beauties; some of his best-known works are paintings of the actress Sarah Bernhard.
Alphonse Island is famous for having some of the world's best saltwater fly fishing.
Alphonse Maria Mucha (24 July 1860 - 14 July 1939) was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, most well known for his images of women.

What do people named Alphonse look like
Gambino capo Alphonse Trucchio
Alphonse Daudet (1840-1897), écrivain français.

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Play songs that make Alphonse unforgettable

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 Alphonse - Cab
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 The Alphonse Mambo - The Mountain Goats
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 A Lullabye For Little Alphonse - Alphonse Mouzon
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 Alphonse Mucha - The Dreaded Diamond
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 Alphonse de Lamartine: Le Lac - Paul A. Mankin
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 The Alphonse Suite - Mundi

Alphonse music albums

Are there Alphonse DVDs? Yes!

Measuring the Earth's Temperature by Alphonse Keasley

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The Door of No Return by Alphonse Zannou

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Alphonse & Zulma

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Get a book on Alphonse

Alphonse, That Is Not OK to Do!

by: Daisy Hirst
Two siblings have a falling-out and make up again in spectacular style in a warm, witty story with sure appeal for little monsters everywhere.
Once there was just Natalie. And then there was Alphonse, too. Natalie mostly doesn’t mind Alphonse being there—they both like naming pigeons ("Banana!" "Lorraine!"), bouncing things off bunk beds, and sharing a story together on the chair. But Alphonse sometimes draws on things that Natalie has made. And when she finds him eating her favorite book, she’s had enough: "Alphonse, that is not OK to do!" With bold illustrations and a subtle touch, Daisy Hirst visits the familiar territory of sibling squabbles—and the touching bond beneath it all that sees little monsters through.
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Ouvres Completes de Charles Baudelaire "Les Fleurs Du Mal". [1917] Alphonse Leme


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Alphonse

French: French form of Alfonso.
German: Ready for a fight. Common in Spain since the 7th century. Famous bearer: Gangster Al Capone's name was Alphonse.
Teutonic: Eager for war.

Alphonse on the internet Alphonse Leduc

Watch videos that make Alphonse unforgettable

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Mafi Metlo - 23/03/2017 - Alphonse

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Mafi Metlo - 17/11/2016 - Alphonse

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Mafi Metlo - Episode 22 - Alphonse

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Mafi Metlo - 10/12/2015 - Alphonse

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