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Best of name: That an anagram for it is "ewdArn" or with punctuation, "Ew, darn."Not so good: Flip flop

Eminent people named Andrew

Andrew Bartlett, Andrew Bird, Andrew Bogut, Andrew Bonar Law, Andrew Bynum, Andrew Calhoun, Andrew Carnie, Andrew Castle, Andrew Clements, Andrew Cogliano, Andrew Davies, Andrew Denton, Andrew Dice Clay, Andrew Dickson White, Andrew E. Svenson, Andrew Ebbett, Andrew Eldritch, Andrew Ellicott, Andrew Ellis, Andrew Fastow, Andrew Fielding Huxley, Andrew Fisher, Andrew Gaze, Andrew Golota, Andrew Goodman, Andrew Grove, Andrew Hansen, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Andrew Higgins, Andrew Inglis Clark, Andrew JC Jackson, Andrew James Allen, Andrew Johnson, Andrew Keegan, Andrew Kepple, Andrew Kinlochan, Andrew Kippis, Andrew L. Harris, Andrew Loog Oldham, Andrew Luster, Andrew McCarthy, Andrew Mellon, Andrew Miller, Andrew O'Keefe, Andrew Onderdonk, Andrew Osmond, Andrew P. Harris, Andrew Paul, Andrew Poje, Andrew Ranken, Andrew Reynolds, Andrew Ridgeley, Andrew Robinson, Andrew Thomson, Andrew Tobias, Andrew Trimble, Andrew Viterbi, Andrew Voss, Andrew Wiles, Andrew Young.

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Fermat's last theorem mathematician Andrew ...

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Andrew

English, Biblical: From the Greek name "Andreas), which was derived from "aner": "man" (genitive "andros": "of a man"".
Biblical: A strong man.
English: Manly; brave. In the bible the first of the twelve apostles chosen. Andrew is patron saint of Scotland and Russia. See also Jedrick and Kendrick.
Greek: Manly. St Andrew, an apostle of Jesus Christ, later became patron saint of Scotland. The Scottish city St Andrews is named for him. It was in frequent use throughout Britain during the Middle Ages.
Scottish: Manly. From the Greek Andrew. Has long been a popular Scottish name, because St. Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland after whom the town of St Andrews was named.
Shakespearean: 'Twelfth Night', also called 'What You Will' Sir Andrew Aguecheek.

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【Andrew的小實驗】這樣做竟然可以把硬幣變到...!! Andrew宣佈了很重要的事情.. !!

變到更乾净... 哈哈哈還沒留言QNA? 趕快去下方留言處留言! 還沒訂閲我的趕快點擊訂閲按鈕來加入Drewers的大家庭哦! 此外拜托幫忙點擊喜歡并...

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Andrew Pachuau - Famkim Lohna Khawvel

An Official Video of Andrew Pachuau, \

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Julia Marcell - Andrew (official video)

Teledysk \

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Andrew Laltlankima - Zurui Tawngtaina (Dance Version)

Andrew Laltlankima - Zurui Tawngtaina (Dance Version) Special Thanks: Chopstyx Restaurant St. Mary's Parish Priest Choreographed & Directed by: Alan Rinawma Dancers Male Lead: Zuala Hmar...

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