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Eminent people named Arthur

Arthur Aikin, Arthur Ashe, Arthur B. Rubinstein, Arthur Balfour, Arthur Beetson, Arthur Benjamin, Arthur Bremer, Arthur Capper, Arthur Charles Dobson, Arthur Compton, Arthur Conley, Arthur Crudup, Arthur Dee, Arthur Ernest Percival, Arthur Evans, Arthur Fielder, Arthur Ford, Arthur Franz, Arthur Goldberg, Arthur Goring Thomas, Arthur Griffith, Arthur Grumiaux, Arthur H. Robinson, Arthur Hailey, Arthur Harden, Arthur Hertzberg, Arthur Hewlett, Arthur Hiller, Arthur Hunnicutt, Arthur James Arnot, Arthur Jensen, Arthur Kane, Arthur Lake, Arthur Legat, Arthur Leigh Allen, Arthur Lewis, Arthur Liebehenschel, Arthur Lowe, Arthur Machen, Arthur Matthew Weld Downing, Arthur Murray, Arthur O'Connell, Arthur Onslow, Arthur Phillip, Arthur Q. Bryan, Arthur R. von Hippel, Arthur Rhys Davids, Arthur Richardson, Arthur Rock, Arthur Rowley, Arthur Rubinstein, Arthur Rudolph, Arthur Scargill, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Arthur Schopenhauer, Arthur Tooth, Arthur Treacher, Arthur de Gobineau, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Sir Arthur Currie.

What do people named Arthur look like
Jude Law in Talks for Guy Ritchie’s ‘King ...
Astrid Berges-Frisbey To Be Guinevere In ...

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 Arthur's Theme (150bpm) - Running & Jogging Crew

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Arthur Court Sawfish Saw Fish Aluminum Sulpture


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Vintage Arthur Fulmer Silver & Blue Falcon Wings Motorcycle Helmet Medium AF40


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Arthur

Arthurian Legend: Noble; courageous. Legendary sixth century King Arthur of Britain and his Round Table of knights.
Celtic: Strong as a bear.
English: From the Roman clan name Artorius, meaning noble, courageous. Famous bearer: Legendary sixth century King Arthur of Britain and his Round Table of knights. This legend dates to the early 9th century.
Irish: Derived from the Irish art meaning 'stone'. Arthur was a 6th Century Irish prince.
Scottish: Derived from Celtic artos meaning 'bear'.
Shakespearean: 'King John' Arthur, Duke of Britaine.
Welsh: Bear hero.

Watch videos that make Arthur unforgettable

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Arthur (Full Episode - HD) Buster Isn't Buying It / One Ornery Critter - Season 19, Episode 5

01:07 - Buster Isn't Buying It Aliens, conspiracy theories, the megatoad…Buster believes in everything! That is, until his favorite show gets cancelled for false reporting. Now the new...

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Arthur Season 21 Episode 7 Invasion of the Soccer Fans/Pal and the Big Itch


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Arthur (Full Episode - HD) Best Wishes ❄️ The Tardy Tumbler - Season 18, Episode 4

01:07 - Best Wishes After George has a lucky streak, his friends pressure him to wish for a snow day. Can George deliver? Or is he out of luck? 12:32 - The Tardy Tumbler Prunella's excited...

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Arthur (Full Episode - HD) Shelter from the Storm - Season 18, Episode 10

When a powerful hurricane hits Elwood City, everyone's affected. Ladonna's dad is called up by the Army Corps of Engineers. Muffy relocates to a shelter, while Arthur struggles to reunite...

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