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Daniel (born 2000) from United States, WA said:
Best of name: Its in the bibleNot so good: I dont think its catchyNamed after: Because we are christians

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A user from United States, OH said:
Best of name: Daniel is my dad's middle name

Eminent people named Daniel

Daniel Adair, Daniel Akaka, Daniel Alexandersson, Daniel Balavoine, Daniel Baldwin, Daniel Bard, Daniel Bernhardt, Daniel Berrigan, Daniel Boone, Daniel Burnham, Daniel C. Tsui, Daniel Carleton Gajdusek, Daniel Carter Beard, Daniel Ceccaldi, Daniel Chester French, Daniel Chodowiecki, Daniel Cleary, Daniel Cordone, Daniel Cudmore, Daniel Day-Lewis, Daniel De Leon, Daniel Dzufer, Daniel E Gawthrop, Daniel Emmett, Daniel Ernst Jablonski, Daniel F. Galouye, Daniel Finch, Daniel François Malan, Daniel Frisella, Daniel Georg Morhof, Daniel Johnson, Daniel Kahneman, Daniel Kessler, Daniel Keys Moran, Daniel Klewer, Daniel Lanois, Daniel Logan, Daniel Lévi, Daniel MacMaster, Daniel MacPherson, Daniel McFadden, Daniel McVicar, Daniel Merrett, Daniel Morgan, Daniel O'Connell, Daniel Ortmeier, Daniel Pearl, Daniel Petrie, Daniel Pipes, Daniel Radcliffe, Daniel Roebuck, Daniel Ruettiger, Daniel Sedin, Daniel Sordo, Daniel Tani, Daniel Whiston, Daniel Wildenstein, Daniel Willems, Daniel Woodrell, Daniel arap Moi.

What do people named Daniel look like

Daniel Craig Burns Bridges, Trashes James ...
Daniel Lautner ♥
Daniel Cooke
Pin by Daniel Felter on Faces
Daniel Barkley
Textes choisis et commentés par Daniel Guillon-Legeay ...

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"Daniel's Personalized Happy Birthday Song (Daniele, Daniell, Danniel, Danyaal, Danyal, Danyel, Danyl"

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Daniel music albums

Are there Daniel DVDs? Yes!

Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm/Fireflies and Fireworks

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Daniel's Birthday / Daniel's Picnic

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Daniel Can't Ride Trolley/Daniel Can't Get What He Wants

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Daniel Goes to the Potty

A perfect new potty-training book for Daniel Tiger fans—push the button and hear the potty flush!
Daniel and his dad are at Music Man Stan’s music shop when Daniel has to go to the potty. Will he have to wait until he gets home to use the bathroom? In this adaptation of a popular episode, Daniel learns that there are bathrooms in lots of places and that he can use the bathroom in the shop or anywhere else in the neighborhood. So remember: when you have to go potty, stop and go right away! This adorable book, with a button for kids to press to make the potty’s “flush” sound, is sure to be a hit with Daniel Tiger’s youngest fans!.
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Daniel Tiger's 5-Minute Stories

Twelve of Daniel Tiger’s most grr-ific adventures are now available in one dazzling edition!
Whether he’s trying a new food, having fun at his first sleepover, or playing with his little sister on the playground, Daniel Tiger loves making friends and going on new adventures! Would you like to come along? This treasury includes twelve of Daniel’s most grr-ific stories, each of which can be read aloud in five minutes. This sweet collection is perfect for busy little tigers who are always on the go!.
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The Books of Enoch: The Angels, The Watchers and The Nephilim:

by: Joseph Lumpkin
Now buy this amazing volume for a special low price. The well known and acclaimed work of Dr. Joseph Lumpkin has been enlarged to include new research on the Books of Enoch, Fallen Angels, the Watchers, and the Nephilim. After presenting extensive historical backgrounds and brilliant translations of The First, Second, and Third Books of Enoch, Lumpkin takes time to piece together a historical narrative of Fallen Angels, the Watcher, and the Nephilim, using his extensive knowledge of ancient texts.
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Daniel Jean Richard Rattrapante Split Second Automatic Chronograph Watch 50016


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Daniel Arsham Future Relic 07


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MARX Orig. RARE MPC Daniel Boone Play set #5061 Excellent Ring Hand Set


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Daniel

Hungarian: Hungarian form of Daniel.
Dutch: Dutch form of Daniel.
English, Hebrew, French, German, Scandinavian, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovene, Biblical, Biblical Greek: From the Hebrew name "Daniyyel" meaning "God is my judge".
Biblical: Judgment of God; God my judge.
Hebrew: God is my Judge. The biblical prophet and writer of Book of Daniel was a teenager when taken to Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem in 607 BC. He survived two death sentences: (a lions' den and a fiery furnace.); Frontiersman Daniel Boone.
Irish: Attractive. A translation of the Gaelic name Domhnall.
Welsh: Attractive. A translation of the Welsh name Deiniol.

Daniel on the internet

danielwellington.com: Timeless and elegant watches online | Daniel Wellington
danielkids.org: Danielkids - Home Page - Danielkids
danielnyc.com: Daniel | Daniel Boulud

Watch videos that make Daniel unforgettable

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Elton John- Daniel

One of Elton John's greatest hits--Daniel.

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Daniel Tigre en Español - La votación del Vecindario y La Votación de la Clase (Episodios Completos)

1. La votación del Vecindario - 00:00 En la escuela hoy, Daniel y sus compañeros de clase eligen su nueva mascota de clase! La profesora Harriet explica que ...

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Bat For Lashes - Daniel

Bat For Lashes - Daniel Astralwerks - Caroline (P) 2009 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by The Echo Label Ltd under exclusive licence to ...

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Daniel - Amores Seletivos

A música “Amores Seletivos” está no novo álbum do Daniel. Clique e ouça o álbum completo: https://umusicbrazil.lnk.to/DanieByDanielYA Siga o Daniel: ...

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