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Best of name: It feel like a vampireNot so good: It is like a male

Eminent people named Edward

Edward Abbey, Edward Albert, Edward Arnold, Edward Arthur Thompson, Edward Ashael Birge, Edward Baker Lincoln, Edward Beecher, Edward Boscawen, Edward Bouchet, Edward Bunker, Edward Burnett Tylor, Edward Buzzell, Edward C. Prescott, Edward Cardinal Egan, Edward Charles Titchmarsh, Edward Clark, Edward Colston, Edward Cornwallis, Edward Davy, Edward Deas Thomson, Edward Douglass White, Edward Dębicki, Edward Elgar, Edward Everett Horton, Edward Furlong, Edward G. Robinson, Edward Grey, Edward Harkness, Edward Holland, Edward Holyoke, Edward Hopper, Edward Irving Wortis, Edward Jenner, Edward Lee, Edward Leslie, Edward M. Lawson, Edward MacDowell, Edward Mills Purcell, Edward Moore, Edward Mulhare, Edward Norton, Edward Norton Lorenz, Edward O'Hare, Edward P. Allen, Edward Pawley, Edward Rickenbacker, Edward Schreyer, Edward Seidensticker, Edward Szczepanik, Edward Teller, Edward Turner, Edward Underdown, Edward Wagenknecht, Edward Weston, Edward Whymper, Edward Young, Edward of Westminster, King Edward V of England, Sir Edward Appleton, Sir Edward Poynter.

What do people named Edward look like

Edward G. Robinson
Casualty by Edward Rawle-Hicks
Edward Partridge (1793
Details: Edward Witten
Edward Day
Be Kind: Edward [Volks Alain head customized]

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English Sterling Coffee Pot 1826 WOLF HANDLE Edward Farrell


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Bald Eagle woodcarving, American Eagle carving, duck decoy, Casey Edwards


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2 Vacant Lots for Sale Edwards MS


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Edward

English, Polish: Means "rich guard", derived from the Old English elements ead "rich, blessed" and weard "guard".
Anglo-Saxon: Guardian.
English: Wealthy guardian. From the Old English name Eadweard, meaning rich or happy, and guardian. Famous bearer: King Edward the Elder, son of Alfred the Great; Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936 to be with the divorced woman he loved.
German: Strong as a boar.

Edward on the internet

edwardjones.com: Edward Jones | Making Sense of Investing

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Edward Sanda feat. Ioana Ignat - Doar pe a ta | Official Music Video

Edward Sanda feat. Ioana Ignat - Doar pe a ta | Official Music Video Subscribe to FamousProduction: ...

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Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love (Official Music Video)

Subscribe to Spinnin TV now: http://bit.ly/SPINNINTV The official video for Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina's 'Stereo Love'! Subscribe to Spinnin' TV. The World's #1 ...

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EDG vs SNG Highlights Game 1 LPL SUMMER 2017 Edward Gaming vs Suning Gaming by Onivia

EDG vs SNG Highlights Game 1 LPL SUMMER 2017 Edward Gaming vs Suning Gaming by Onivia Make money with your LoL knowledge ...

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