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C) because my very own name is Eliot!
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People named Eliot on their name

Eliot (born 2006) from France said:
Best of name: Its a nice name and all the lettres are différentNot so good: Nothing!!!Named after: Because its niceExperience: Every Eliot I now is a freind of my freind

Eminent people named Eliot

Eliot Lance Engel, Eliot Ness, Eliot Spitzer, Eliot Wald.

What do people named Eliot look like

Antelope Valley College Blog: T.S. Eliot's ...
Eliot Spitzer to Return to Politics After ...

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 Eliot - Sarah Slean
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 What Does T.S. Eliot Know About You? - East River Pipe
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 Russell and Eliot - Yusef Lateef
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 Eliot - Dama
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 Eliot - Peter Parker
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 TS Eliot Rap (Spoken Word) - Robyn Hitchcock
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 Mr Eliot's Sunday Morning Service - T. S. Eliot
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 T.S. Eliot - Robert Briggs
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 Eliot's Sketchbook - Principles of Geometry

Watch or bid on odd Eliot collectibles on eBay

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FIRST EDITION Eliot Asinof EIGHT MEN OUT The Black Sox and the 1919 World Series


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Genuine Swarovski, Eliot Scuba Charm 1185912


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Eliot Elisofon VINTAGE 1943 Pile of Salvage Tires, Tunisia WWII LIFE Press Photo


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Eliot

English: From a surname which was a variant of Elliott.
English: Variant of Elliot: God on high; my God is Jehovah. From a surname derived from a medieval abbreviation of the Greek Elias. Variant of Elijah.
French: Believes in God.
Greek: Variant of Elias: The Greek form of the Hebrew Elijah, meaning Jehovah is God.
Hebrew: Jehovah is God.

Watch videos that make Eliot unforgettable

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Eliot Kid - Episode 11 - Kung Fu Kid


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Eliot Sumner - After Dark

Pre-order the new album 'Information': http://po.st/WsOXt7 | iTunes: http://po.st/RfGbn5 | Amazon: http://po.st/Zs2AXV | Spotify: http://po.st/IFYHSP | Apple Music http://po.st/EIsI2i...

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T.S. Eliot reads: The Waste Land

Find the words at: http://www.bartleby.com/201/1.html.

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T.S. Eliot - BBC Arena Portrait 1/6

Part 2/6 here: http://www.1st-name.com/male/eliot/video/8sDcAZQVYtA.html Full version. This portrait/documentary tells the whole story of the life and work of T.S. Eliot including the happiness he found...

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