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What made Emeril famous

Emeril Lagasse is famous for his New Orleans style cooking.

What do people named Emeril look like

Famed Chef Emeril Lagasse weighs in on the ...
... The originals with emeril” coming soon

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Play songs that make Emeril unforgettable

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 Emeril Kicks It Up - Jeff Berlin
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 Emeril Space Flow! - GMill
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 Emeril's Song - Bob Blake aka/"Dr. Bob" (The Music Doctor)

Are there Emeril DVDs? Yes!

Emeril Green: Collection One

Emeril Lagasse
Emeril Green is a fun, new series starring Chef Emeril Lagasse that unleashes all the information you've ever wanted to know about Whole Foods Markets and green cooking! Picture an ultimate foodie fantasy store, then drop in some real people who have real culinary challenges and watch as America's most beloved chef comes to their rescue, offering educational information on how everyday cooking can be healthy, organic, and eco-friendly.
2-Disc Set Episodes Include:
The Chicken Campaign
Fish Tales .
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Get a book on Emeril

Emeril 20-40-60: Fresh Food Fast

by: Emeril Lagasse
From Emeril Lagasse, one of America’s favorite chefs, comes Emeril 20-40-60, a new cookbook that makes cooking easier and faster than it’s ever been—with 140 recipes for get-it-on-the-table dinners, healthy and quick breakfasts, super-fast snacks, lunches, and more. With meals you can make in 20 minutes or less, 40 minutes or less, or 60 minutes or less (you decide), Emeril 20-40-60 offers gourmet cooking for today’s crazed and budget conscious family.
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Emeril's There's a Chef in My Soup! Recipes for the Kid in Everyone

by: Emeril Lagasse
Gooey Cinnamon Buns, Baby Bam Burgers, Ka-Bam Kabobs, Creamy Dreamy Orange Freezes! Sound good? They taste even better -- and you can make them yourself!What's better than eating really good food? Making it! And now, Chef Emeril Lagasse shows you how to do it, step-by-step. And hey, this is the real thing -- you're really cooking with this book, so get ready to make some kicked-up food that your family and friends will love.Hate getting up in the morning? Not with Emeril's Favorite French Toast for breakfast!Want to make all your friends happy when you open your lunchbox? Then bring enough Cheesy Star Snacks for everyone.
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Emeril's New New Orleans Cooking

by: Emeril Lagasse, Jessie Tirsch
Emeril Lagasse fuses the rich traditions of Creole cookery with the best of America's regional cuisines and adds a vibrant new palette of tastes, ingredients, and styles. The heavy sauces, the long-cooked roux, and the smothered foods that were the heart of old-style New Orleans cooking have been replaced by simple fresh ingredients and easy cooking techniques with a light touch. Emeril serves up a masterpiece in his first cookbook, Emeril's New New Orleans Cooking.
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Watch or bid on odd Emeril collectibles on eBay

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144 K-Cups | Emeril's Big Easy Bold Coffee | Keurig Brewer | New in Retail Box!


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Emeril Lagasse Digital AirFryer Pro, EML FT 42051 BK


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<< Emeril, NL A0R, Canada (NL, Division No. 10)

Emeril on the internet

emerilstore.com: Emerilstore

Watch videos that make Emeril unforgettable

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Emeril's Roast Chicken with Lemon Herb - Emeril Lagasse

SUBSCRIBE: http://full.sc/16D8p35 For more ways to kick it up a notch: http://full.sc/16Ziuli Emeril sears the chicken roulades then places in the oven. He plates ...

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Emeril's Big Boy Spaghetti and Meatballs

SUBSCRIBE: http://full.sc/16D8p35 For more ways to kick it up a notch: http://full.sc/16Ziuli Not just spaghetti and meatballs, this is Emeril's Big Boy Meatballs ...

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Emeril's Easy Barbecue Shrimp | Southern Living

Watch Emeril Lagasse prepare this home cook's version of his essential dish. Subscribe to Southern Living: http://bit.ly/1PtvKbe Southern Living celebrates the ...

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Marinating and Grilling Hanger Steak - Emeril and Martha - Emeril Lagasse

SUBSCRIBE: http://full.sc/16D8p35 For more ways to kick it up a notch: http://full.sc/16Ziuli Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse mix a dry rub with paprika, ...

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