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People named Emil on their name

Emil (born 1981) from India said:
Best of name: Its uniquenessNot so good: NothingNamed after: I am named after a christiam missioniary Emil richer founder of Christian Mission service.Experience: Since it is a unique name it invokes instant interest in the person.

Emil (born 1998) from said:
Best of name: Because its so cooooolNot so good: NothingNamed after: Because is the Emil name is so cooool

Emil (born 1996) from Norway said:

Eminent people named Emil

Emil Adolf von Behring, Emil Berliner, Emil Christian Hansen, Emil Cioran, Emil Fahrenkamp, Emil Fuchs, Emil Gilels, Emil Hácha, Emil Jannings, Emil Kraepelin, Emil Nolde, Emil Orlik, Emil Seidel, Emil Steinberger, Emil Steiner, Emil Theodor Kocher, Emil Zátopek, Emil du Bois-Reymond.

What made Emil famous

Emil Cioran was a Romanian philosopher and essayist who became famous for his finely crafted essays and aphorisms dealing with alienation, boredom, futility and the decay of civilization.

What do people named Emil look like

Émile Zola on war mania: A blind and deaf ...

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Emile Pequignet Moorena


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10x80 45° Doppelfernrohr Fernglas German Flak binocular by Emil Busch


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Emile Galle beautiful Light


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Emil

German, Scandinavian, Czech, Polish, Slovene, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, English: From the Roman family name Aemilius, which was derived from Latin aemulus meaning "rival".
Teutonic: Excellent.
English: Derived from Roman clan name which may mean industrious.
French: Variant of Emile: Eager.
German: From the Roman family name Aemilius, meaning industrious.
Latin: Excellent. Masculine equivalent of Emily, from the name Aemilia, the feminine form of the Roman family name Aemilius. Also a variant of Amelia.
Swedish: Lively.

Emil on the internet

emilamerica.com: emilamerica

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Emil soppskålen - Astrid Lindgrens värld 2013

Teater på Astrid Lindgrens värld - Emil soppskålen.

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Emil's Project - Houdini Assis Left 8B/V13

Emil have been working Houdini Assis Left for a some time now, graded 8B/V13 and it very much fits his style. Compression problem on slopers with 1 crimp. A Classic test piece! You can find...

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♫ Emil ♪ (La Sigla) ♫ Video & Audio Restaurati

Il Piccolo Emil combina guai, Tele Ricordi è il canale di flaniman (Su questa TV li apprezzi di piu')

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Emil Rəhmanov - Biliyorsun

YouTube Kanalımız: https://www.youtube.com/KepezTV ➤ \

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