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People named Emil on their name

Emil (born 1981) from India said:
Best of name: Its uniquenessNot so good: NothingNamed after: I am named after a christiam missioniary Emil richer founder of Christian Mission service.Experience: Since it is a unique name it invokes instant interest in the person.

Emil (born 1998) from said:
Best of name: Because its so cooooolNot so good: NothingNamed after: Because is the Emil name is so cooool

Emil (born 1996) from Norway said:

Eminent people named Emil

Emil Adolf von Behring, Emil Berliner, Emil Christian Hansen, Emil Cioran, Emil Fahrenkamp, Emil Fuchs, Emil Gilels, Emil Hácha, Emil Jannings, Emil Kraepelin, Emil Nolde, Emil Orlik, Emil Seidel, Emil Steinberger, Emil Steiner, Emil Theodor Kocher, Emil Zátopek, Emil du Bois-Reymond.

What made Emil famous

Emil Cioran was a Romanian philosopher and essayist who became famous for his finely crafted essays and aphorisms dealing with alienation, boredom, futility and the decay of civilization.

What do people named Emil look like

Emil i Lönneberga (film)
Nov. 2003 - Emil Fackenheim, z"l
Emil Hegle Svendsen (@SuperSvendsen )
Emil Stang by Klem
Emil Fischer
Emil Rensing EpixHD
Emil Jannings-Annex
Emil Dostovic (Digital Update)
Emil Bitsch
Emil Pictures

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Play songs that make Emil unforgettable

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 Emil - Pambo
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 Emil - Stuart McLean
13 4
 Emil (Sacrifice) - SQUARE ENIX MUSIC
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 Emil - SoundRabbit
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 Letters / Goodbye, Emil - Alison Fraser & Scott Bakula
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 Emil - Ultimate Weapon No.7 - 岡部啓一
12 0
 Emil Cioran - Oneohtrix Point Never
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 Emil - Sibiria
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 Emil Danenberg - Nasheet Waits
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 Emil - Moonjam
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 Lament for Emil - Burning Bridget Cleary

Emil music albums

Are there Emil DVDs? Yes!

Emil And The Detectives

Walter Slezak, Bryan Russell, Roger Mobley, Cindy Cassell

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Emil and the Detectives

Walter Slezak
When Emil travels by bus to Berlin to visit his grandmother and his cousin, his money is stolen by a crook who specializes in digging tunnels. Emil must get the money back as it is for his grandmother. While following the thief, Emil runs into Gustav, an enterprising young boy who gathers up all his friends to help Emil find the money. Emil's cousin also gets involved and they get into more trouble than they bargained for when Emil's pickpocket turns out to be mixed up with a couple of notorious bank robbers.
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Emil Gilels: Recital

The pianist performs works by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Mozart, and Schumann.
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Get a book on Emil

Emil and the Detectives

by: Erich Kastner
Originally published in 1929, Erich Kästner’s engaging tale has delighted readers young and old for generations. It’s Emil’s first train ride alone and he’s excited―and a little nervous. On the train, his fellow passengers are impressed with how polite and grown-up Emil is, and the man in the bowler hat offers him some chocolate―but Emil keeps checking his coat pocket, where he’s pinned the money that he is taking to his grandmother. Soon, though, Emil finds himself getting sleepy .
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Emil Und Die Detektive

by: Erich Kaestner, Erich Kastner
Emil Und Die Detektive (German Edition)
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A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ by Emil Sch??rer

by: Emil Sch??rer;John Macpherson;Sophia Taylor;Peter Christie

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Watch or bid on odd Emil collectibles on eBay

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Emil J. Paidar Style A Exam Art Barber Vintage Electric Table W/ Cahir


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Emil Milan emilan wood carved salad bowl mid century modern eames knoll danish


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Emil Orlik (1870–1932): Ex Libris for JUR DOR FRANZ WIEN, lithograph, 1897


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Emil

German, Scandinavian, Czech, Polish, Slovene, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, English: From the Roman family name Aemilius, which was derived from Latin aemulus meaning "rival".
Teutonic: Excellent.
English: Derived from Roman clan name which may mean industrious.
French: Variant of Emile: Eager.
German: From the Roman family name Aemilius, meaning industrious.
Latin: Excellent. Masculine equivalent of Emily, from the name Aemilia, the feminine form of the Roman family name Aemilius. Also a variant of Amelia.
Swedish: Lively.

Emil on the internet

emil.com: emil.com home page
emilamerica.com: EmilAmerica

Watch videos that make Emil unforgettable

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NieR:Automata OST - Emil (Despair)

Contains spoilers for NieR: Automata , Gameplay & Music video. This theme it's used during a boss battle in the desert later in the game.

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Emil soppskålen - Astrid Lindgrens värld 2013

Teater på Astrid Lindgrens värld - Emil soppskålen.

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Emil z Lonnebergy - Emil a polievkova misa


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Dansk Minecraft - EMIL TROLLER MIKKEL!!

Vores server - IP: mecraft.dk ▻ Køb Trier-ting: http://triergaming.dk ▻ Abonner på kanalen :) http://bit.ly/1MKF3oy ▻ Hvem er vi? - Vi er 18 år gamle. - Vi optager ...

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