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Eminent people named Ernie

Ernie Banks, Ernie Barnes, Ernie Broglio, Ernie Camacho, Ernie Coombs, Ernie Davis, Ernie Els, Ernie Freeman, Ernie Harwell, Ernie Hudson, Ernie Isley, Ernie K-Doe, Ernie Kovacs, Ernie Maresca, Ernie Nevers, Ernie Pyle, Ernie Quigley, Ernie Roth, Ernie Sabella, Ernie Stautner, Ernie Vandeweghe, Ernie Warlick, Ernie Wasson, Ernie Wise.

What made Ernie famous

Ernie Dingo is famous for being a great comedian in some of his acting roles, and for being a successful Indigenous Australian television personality.
Ernie Banks became famous for his infectiously positive attitude toward baseball and life.
Ernie Pyle, who is most famous for covering World War II through the eyes of the common soldiers.
Ernie Barnes is best known for his unique figurative style of painting and is widely recognized as the foremost African American artist.
Ernie Roth is most known for his days in the World Wide Wrestling Federation, as "The Grand Wizard".
Ernie Ecob, who was known for his sexist remarks.
Ernie Ashworth was best known for his 1963 chart-topper, "Talk Back Trembling Lips".
Ernie Maresca (born Ernest Maresca, 21 August 1939, The Bronx, New York), is an American songwriter, singer, and record company executive, best known for writing or co-writing some of Dion's biggest hits.
Ernie Els, a South African native, is known for having one of golf's prettiest swings, and his professional statistics show his swing's effectiveness.
Ernie Smith is best known for reggae music but his talents are far flung.
Ernie Sims is known for his speed and aggressiveness, but he's also known for his gullibility.
Ernie Sheldon is probably best known for writing the lyrics for what became Glenn Yarbrough's biggest solo hit, "Baby the Rain Must Fall" and lyrics for several other Glenn YarbroughÊsongs.
Ernie Davis was a football player who is best known for being the first black winner of the Heisman Award.

What do people named Ernie look like
Tennessee Ernie Ford
Ernie Johnson
Ernie Passwaters
Pinned by Ernie Howe

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Ernie music albums

Are there Ernie DVDs? Yes!

Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures

Eric Jacobson, Steve Whitmire, Leslie Carrara, Tyler Bunch, Stephanie D'Abruzzo

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Sesame Street: Bert & Ernie's Word Play

Fran Brill, Kevin Clash, Eric Jacobson, Carmen Osbahr

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Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures

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Ernie Pyle in England

by: Ernie Pyle
Ernie Pyle was one of America's most popular newspaper columnists. Late in 1940, he went to England to observe and write about the Blitz. Pyle wrote about daily life and the scenes and people he encountered. His columns from December 1940 to March 1941 were compiled in this volume.
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Ernie the Elephant and the Teddy Bear

by: Leela Hope
Are your kids afraid of the dark?Do they have a favorite toy?When Ernie the Elephant loses his favorite teddy bear,he is very distressed and Begins searching the entire house,overturning tables and furniture,with no luck.How will he be able to sleep without Plum the teddy bear?Then,with the help of Martin the Mouse,he retraces his steps more carefully around his home.Will They be able to find Plum or will Ernie have to face the dark tonight alone?Ernie The Elephant and The Teddy Bear is a delightful children's story set in Rhyming pattern.
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How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won't Get from Your Financial Advisor by Ernie J. Zelinski

by: Ernie J. Zelinski

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Ernie

English: Diminutive of Ernest.
English: A diminutive of Ernest sometimes used as an independent name. Also, in England, 'Ernie' refers to the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment which selects winning Premium Bond numbers.

Ernie on the internet Ernie - A play about the baseball legend by Mitch Albom Ernie Halter

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Ernie's Mailbag #2

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Ernie's Mailbag | Ep 3

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Sesame Street: Ernie and his Rubber Duckie

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Ernie Describes God to an Illustrator

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