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People named Evan on their name

Evan (born 1994) from United States, IL said:

Eminent people named Evan

Evan Bates, Evan Bayh, Evan Berger, Evan Coyne Maloney, Evan Dando, Evan Ellingson, Evan Eschmeyer, Evan Gray, Evan Handler, Evan Hunter, Evan Karagias, Evan Longoria, Evan Lysacek, Evan Parke, Evan Rachel Wood, Evan Roberts, Evan Sabara, Evan Seinfeld, Evan Tanner, Evan Taubenfeld, Evan Wolfson, Evan Yo.

What made Evan famous

Evan Griffith Dando (born March 4, 1967) is an American musician, most famous for fronting the alternative rock band The Lemonheads.
Evan Dando is an American musician, most famous for fronting the alternative rock band The Lemonheads.

What do people named Evan look like

Evan Peters
UN Photo/Evan Schneider

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Play songs that make Evan unforgettable

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 Evan - The Happy Birthday Singers
11 0
 Evan - Juliana Hatfield
13 0
 Evan - Beacon Light
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 Evan's Basement Jam - Lyle Workman
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 Evan Perks - The Chariot
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 Letter to Evan - David Benoit
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 (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan - Lali Puna
5 1
 Evan Madaen - Shahram Nazeri & Hafez Nazeri
9 1
 Evan Way - Evan Taubenfeld
1 2
 Apple for Evan - Arrah and the Ferns
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 Evan Likes Driving - Caribou
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 Evan's Epidemic - Later Days
9 2
 Evan and God - John Debney

Gift idea: Evan personalised song

"Evan's Personalized Happy Birthday Song "

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Evan music albums

Are there Evan DVDs? Yes!

Evan Almighty

Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham, Johnny Simmons, Graham Phillips

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Big with Evan Rachel Wood and Darren Criss

Evan Rachel Wood, Darren Criss, Nicol Paone, Jenny Pierson, Abigail Killmeir

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Evan Sayet: A Deplorable Mind

Evan Sayet

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Get a book on Evan

Buy a Bullet: An Orphan X Story

by: Gregg Hurwitz
The Nowhere Man is a figure shrouded in secrecy - a near legendary figure who helps those lucky few who are given the means to reach out to him. Before he was the Nowhere Man, Evan Smoak was a highly trained government operative known to a few as Orphan X. This is the story of Smoak's first outing as the Nowhere Man, where after completing a mission in Northern California, he happens to spot a young woman at a coffee shop. Brutalized and under the control of a very powerful, unscrupulous man, her life is in danger if she doesn't escape.
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SEALs of Honor: Evan

by: Dale Mayer
This is Evan and Megan's story! It's book 8 in the series! :)
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Divorce Is Not the End of the World: Zoe's and Evan's Coping Guide for Kids

by: Zoe Stern, Evan Stern
"An upbeat look at the ways in which, with the right support, kids of divorce can grow stronger and more able to navigate life's storms. I recommend this kid-friendly, parent-helpful resource." --M. Gary Neumann, LHMC, Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce the Sandcastles Way
Zoe and Evan Stern know firsthand how it feels when your parents divorce. When their parents split they knew their lives would change but they didn't know how. A few years later, when they were 15 and 13 years old, they decided to share their experience in this positive and practical guide for kids.
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Watch or bid on odd Evan collectibles on eBay

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2 Dear Evan Hansen Broadway Show Tickets NYC June 14, 2017 at 8pm


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Sydney Evan Beaded Love Bracelets


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Evan

Welsh, English: Anglicized form of Iefan, a Welsh form of John.
Celtic: Young fighter.
Hebrew: Variant of Eben: Stone.
Scottish: Right handed.
Welsh: Young. The Welsh form of the Hebrew John, meaning God has been gracious, or God has shown favor.

Evan on the internet

evanevanstours.com: Britain's Finest Sightseeing | Evan Evans Tours
evanhospital.com: Evangelical Community Hospital - Lewisburg, PA

Watch videos that make Evan unforgettable

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As the school year winds down, one student finds himself starting an unexpected relationship.

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DARTH MAUL scares EVAN from EvanTubeHD!!!

Darth Maul Dad and Darth Maul Jillian surprise Evan when he comes home from school.

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McDonald's SHAKE MAKER!!! Gross Cooking with Evan - Vintage Toy Review!

More vintage McDonald's toys! McDonald's Cookie Maker: https://youtu.be/tPJrdBVE9Qw McDonald's Hamburger Maker: https://youtu.be/I0qQTpJAKeM ...

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Evan Plays GOAT SIMULATOR! with Face Cam

While DaddyTube was off editing videos, Evan decided to make a Goat Simulator video. Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing ...

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