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Best of name: He looks like a lizardNot so good: He is stupid

Eminent people named Fritz

Fritz Albert Lipmann, Fritz Bauer, Fritz Buelow, Fritz Busch, Fritz Feigl, Fritz Fischer, Fritz Graebner, Fritz Haber, Fritz Hart, Fritz Hilpert, Fritz Hochwälder, Fritz Houtermans, Fritz Koenig, Fritz Kortner, Fritz Kreisler, Fritz Köberle, Fritz Lang, Fritz Leiber, Fritz Lenz, Fritz Leonhardt, Fritz Luchsinger, Fritz Pregl, Fritz Reiner, Fritz Spiegl, Fritz Strassmann, Fritz Thiedemann, Fritz Todt, Fritz Von Erich, Fritz Walter, Fritz Weaver, Fritz Wiessner, Fritz Wintersteller, Fritz Wotruba, Fritz Wunderlich, Fritz Zwicky, Fritz d'Orey.

What do people named Fritz look like
General Officers/Fritz Bayerlein
Fritz Wepper...
Fritz Karl
PREUER Ursula*Fritz HOLTER Ges.m.b.H.
Paola Alejandra Pizarro Fritz
fritz herkenrath heinz kwiatkowski gunter ...
... photography fritz jan thaddaeus brinckmann ...
... seit 1998 fritz ollrom mitglied seit ...

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 Fritz's Corner - Local H
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 Fritz the Cat - Lemongrass
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 Hanna Fritz Von Kinder - The Accordion Polka Band
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 Fritz and Gray Walk the Creek - BT & Tommy Stinson
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 Pomme Fritz (Meat 'N Veg) - The Orb

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BACH Matthaus passion - AGNES GIEBEL - FRITZ WERNER / ERATO STE 5006-9


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1909-11 T206 Charlie Fritz SOUTHERN LEAGUER PSA 4 VGEX (PWCC)


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Fritz

German: German diminutive of Friedrich.
Danish: Free.
German: Peaceful ruler.
Teutonic: Peaceful ruler.

Fritz on the internet Fritz in Fishers | Pre-owned Dealer | Fishers , Indiana Fritz's Frozen Custard Fritz Industries Inc. Fritz

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FRITZ KALKBRENNER deep melodic house set in The Lab LDN

Deep, uplifting and melodic. The master of the sunrise set. Fritz Kalkbrenner's third studio album 'Way Over Water' [Suol Music] out now. Get it here: ...

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Fritz & Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky and Sand (Original Mix)


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Fritz the Cat Official Trailer #1 - Rosetta LeNoire Movie (1972) HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to CLASSIC TRAILERS: Like us on ...

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Fritz \

Fritz(15) aus Thüringen geht eine Runde weiter. Mit seinem Fußball WM -Lied 2014 will er die Fans und unsere Nationalmannschaft in Brasilien unterstützen.

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