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People named Glenn on their name

Glenn (born 1969) said:
Best of name: My name is spelled Glen not two n'sNot so good: Everyone wants to put two n's

Eminent people named Glenn

Glenn Albert Black, Glenn Anderson, Glenn Beck, Glenn Brummer, Glenn Carter, Glenn Close, Glenn Corbett, Glenn Cornick, Glenn Cunningham, Glenn Curtiss, Glenn Danzig, Glenn Davis, Glenn Ford, Glenn Frey, Glenn Gilberti, Glenn Gould, Glenn Hall, Glenn Hoddle, Glenn Hughes, Glenn Hugill, Glenn Humplik, Glenn Jacobs, Glenn L. Martin, Glenn McCarthy, Glenn McGrath, Glenn McQueen, Glenn Medeiros, Glenn Michibata, Glenn Miller, Glenn Morrison, Glenn Murcutt, Glenn Ordway, Glenn Quinn, Glenn Robbins, Glenn Robert Davis, Glenn Roberts, Glenn Robinson, Glenn Rogers, Glenn Ross, Glenn Rubenstein, Glenn Seaborg, Glenn Seton, Glenn Shorrock, Glenn Strömberg, Glenn Tilbrook, Glenn Tipton, Glenn Withrow, Glenn Yarborough.

What do people named Glenn look like
Gallery of Happy Birthday Glenn Murcutt!
Biography - Gregory J. Follen | NASA
Rumer Glenn Willis — Wikipédia

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2 Misfits Tickets With Glenn Danzig-GA Floor (pit) Tickets on 5/19 in Newark, NJ


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Glenn Danzig "Who Killed Marilyn?" Original 7-inch Samhain Misfits Plan 9 RARE


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Drake Mallard Broad Billed Duck Decoy Signed 1969 RC from ESTATE of JOHN GLENN


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Glenn

Scottish, English: From a Scottish surname which was derived from Gaelic gleann "valley".
Celtic: From the valley.
Gaelic: Derived from the Gaelic 'gleana', meaning valley. Used both as a surname and given name. Famous bearer: Canadian actor Glenn Ford.
Welsh: Dwells in the glen.

Glenn on the internet Glenn Beck Auctions Glenn's Pens - About fountain pens, inks, stores and pen ...

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Glenn Beck Radio Show - 19 April 2018 TheBlaze Radio Podcast

The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Facebook: Glenn Beck Twitter: @glennbeck.

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Glenn Murphy - You Said

Music video for You Said performed by Glenn Murphy. Site: Copyright (C) 2015 Ronan Scolard. --- Powered by

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Lucy Hale & Glenn Howerton Know How to Lose an Accent

After James asks Glenn Howerton about his childhood in London, where Glenn bounced between two accents, Lucy Hale talks about how accent reduction classes helped her lose her Tennessee drawl...

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Glenn Gould plays Bach - The Goldberg Variations, BMV 998 (Zenph re-performance)

Description from Zenph's website: Glenn Gould's debut album of Bach's Goldberg Variations was recorded in June 1955. The Columbia LP quickly became one of the most revered piano recordings...

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