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People named Hans on their name

Hans (born 1964) from Netherlands said:

Hans (born 1992) from Lithuania said:
Best of name: Hans AtrottNot so good: Short and easy to pronounce and rememberNamed after: Because of Hans AtrottExperience: Hans, let's dance

Eminent people named Hans

Hans Asperger, Hans Berger, Hans Binder, Hans Blix, Hans Bronsart von Schellendorff, Hans Christian Lumbye, Hans Cloos, Hans Conried, Hans E. Kinck, Hans Egede, Hans Eppinger, Hans Erasmus Aßmann, Hans Eysenck, Hans Fallada, Hans Fischer, Hans Frank, Hans Freyer, Hans Geiger, Hans Georg Bock, Hans Gerschwiler, Hans Gude, Hans Hahn, Hans Hartwig von Beseler, Hans Henning Atrott, Hans Herr, Hans Herrmann, Hans Heysen, Hans Hotter, Hans Joachim von Zieten, Hans Järta, Hans Jæger, Hans Kammerlander, Hans Klok, Hans Krondahl, Hans Kruize, Hans Köchler, Hans Lammers, Hans List, Hans Litten, Hans Merensky, Hans Modrow, Hans Morgenthau, Hans Moser, Hans Peter Geerdes, Hans Pfitzner, Hans Richter, Hans Robert Hiegel, Hans Ruesch, Hans Sachs, Hans Spemann, Hans Van Alphen, Hans Vogt, Hans Vonk, Hans Werner Henze, Hans Zimmer, Hans von Bartels, Hans von Bülow, Hans von Euler-Chelpin, Hans von Ohain, Hans von der Groeben.

What do people named Hans look like

Hans Olav Lahlum
General Officers/Hans-Wolfgang Reinhard
Manhattan Project: Hans Bethe
Pin by Hans Wiemann on Hair Systems
Hans-jörg Walder
Hans Gunter Bruns
Hans Fitze Ernst Fritz Fürbringer Helmut ...
Hans Gutknecht photoshoot

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Play songs that make Hans unforgettable

The Bomb

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 Hans - David Ummmo
0 0
 Discovering Hans - John Williams
13 0
 Hanu2019s Kung Fu - James Horner
0 5
 Exclusive Interview with Hans Zimmer - Hans Zimmer
10 1
 Konning Hans - Týr
8 0
 Skjend Hans Lik - Carpathian Forest
1 0
 Han's Island - Lalo Schifrin
1 0
 I'm Hans Christian Andersen - Danny Kaye
0 0
 Herr Peder och hans syster - Falconer

Gift idea: Hans personalised song

Hans Personalized Birthday Song With Bonzo

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Hans music albums

Hans Zimmer - The Classics

Hans Abrahamsen: Let Me Tell You

Hans Vol. 2017

Süddeutsche Orgelmeister, Vol. 5: Hans Leo Hassler

Are there Hans DVDs? Yes!

Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans

Katie Bevard, Andy Hankins, Irene Leonard, Kevon Ward, Ryan Manley-Rohrer

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Hans Christian Andersen

>> More info on Amazon

Hans Van Manen Festival

Dutch National Ballet, Kirov Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theater II, Bayerisches Staatsballett, Anna Tsygankova

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Get a book on Hans

Hans Christian Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories

by: Virginia Haviland, Hans Christian Andersen, Erik Christian Haugaard
This definitive collection of work from Hans Christian Andersen—one of the immortals of world literature—not only includes his own notes to his stories but is the only version available in trade paperback that presents Andersen's fairy tales exactly as he collected them in the original Danish edition of 1874. Recognizing the literary merit of Andersen's own simple colloquial language, which Victorian translators and their imitators very often altered to sentimentalize or vulgarize, translator Erik Haugaard has remained faithful to the original text.
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by: Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, Andrew Lang, YEI THEODORA OZAKI, Hatman's books
prepare yourself for the most complete fairy tales collection
Including the most popular and lovable legends of all times . All in one book,elegantly formatted for ease of use and enjoyment on your Kindle device.
in this collection you will find :
•FAIRY TALES By The Brothers Grimm
•THE ARABIAN NIGHTS by Andrew Lang AKA One Thousand and One Nights
in this book there is also an all about Fairy tales chapter with interactive links for further reading .
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Watch or bid on odd Hans collectibles on eBay

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Hans Device Professional Series Model 20M Professional


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Hans head neck restraint Sport 20M 8858 2002


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1960s Vintage Danish Modern Teak Nesting Tables Hans Wegner Mid Century Eames Er


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Put Hans on the map

Historic meaning and origin of the name Hans

German, Dutch, Scandinavian: German, Dutch and Scandinavian short form of Johannes.
Danish: God's gift.
Dutch: Variant of John.
German: Gift from God. God has been gracious. German variant of the Hebrew name John.
Hebrew: Gift from God.
Scandinavian: Variant of John.
Swedish: Swedish form of John 'gift from God'.

Hans on the internet

hans.work: HANS
hans.org: HANS.
hansdevice.com: HANS device

Watch videos that make Hans unforgettable

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Crocodile Dentist Challenge Game Anna vs Hans vs Elsa. Totally TV

Frozen Hans vs Elsa vs Anna in Real Life Play Crocodile Dentist Game with Wheel of Punishments Subscribe: http://goo.gl/F6BqkQ Chomp, chomp, chomp!

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Frozen Kristoff and Hans Switch Places?! Will Anna Marry Kristoff? Totally TV

Anna and Kristoff Wedding or is it Hans? Frozen Prank Adventure featuring Elsa & Witch Hunters Subscribe: http://goo.gl/F6BqkQ Who's who in Arendelle?

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Frozen Anna and Hans Wedding Can Elsa Stop them from Getting Married in Hawaii? Totally TV

Frozen Wedding Anna and Hans Are Getting Married in Hawaii with Moana & Princess Jasmine. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/F6BqkQ Hans' evil Valentine scheme is ...

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Hans Takes Elsa's Place After He Kidnaps Frozen Elsa In Real Life.

Frozen Hans Turns into Elsa After He Kidnaps Frozen Elsa and Fools Frozen Anna Too. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/F6BqkQ Frozen Hans' evil plan to take over ...

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