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People named Ivan on their name

Ivan (born 1990) from Ukraine said:
Best of name: It isn't rare, it is short, it is one of the actual core slavian namesNot so good: It isn't rareNamed after: My grandfather was named Ivan

Ivan (born 1988) from Philippines said:
Best of name: It's Classy and I believe it is unique because I'm actually a girl (a real girl) and then my parents named me Ivan.Not so good: It's a lucky nameNamed after: I was named after a boyish friend of my parents. Her name was Eva and my parents were really fond of her so they've decided to name me Eva Clara but then the head nurse thought it was an odd name so she suggested to change it into Ivan.Experience: When I was in college I had a classmate named Ivan and he was a boy. Our professor got confused most of the time calling me or the other Ivan.

People related to Ivan on the name

A user from Norway said:
Best of name: It's hot afNot so good: Nothing

Eminent people named Ivan

Ivan Aivazovsky, Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin, Ivan Atanassov Petrov, Ivan Basso, Ivan Bella, Ivan Bilibin, Ivan Bloch, Ivan Boesky, Ivan Bunin, Ivan Calderón, Ivan Cankar, Ivan Capelli, Ivan Chernyakhovsky, Ivan Combe, Ivan De Battista, Ivan Della Mea, Ivan Dixon, Ivan Dmitriev, Ivan Efremov, Ivan Ergić, Ivan Fischer, Ivan Franko, Ivan Gašparovič, Ivan Generalić, Ivan Goff, Ivan Goncharov, Ivan Graziani, Ivan II of Russia, Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov, Ivan Kireevsky, Ivan Klasnić, Ivan Kramskoi, Ivan Krylov, Ivan Lendl, Ivan Ljubičić, Ivan M. Niven, Ivan Matveyevich Vinogradov, Ivan Mazepa, Ivan Meštrović, Ivan Mihailov, Ivan Mikheevich Pervushin, Ivan Miljković, Ivan Nabokov, Ivan Pavlov, Ivan Petrov, Ivan Petrovsky, Ivan Putski, Ivan Rakitić, Ivan Rebroff, Ivan Reitman, Ivan Saenko, Ivan Safronov, Ivan Sproule, Ivan Stang, Ivan Stepanovich Silayev, Ivan Toms, Ivan Trubetskoy, Ivan Turgenev, Ivan Vallejo, Ivan Vucetic, Ivan Zajc, Ivan the Young, Iván Campo, Iván Córdoba, Iván García, Iván González, Iván Guerrero, Iván Helguera, Iván Hurtado, Iván Kaviedes, Iván Rodríguez, Iván Zamorano.

What do people named Ivan look like

Ivan Rebroff
Ivan Cankar 1915
Ivan the Terrible
Ivan Drago (@DragoBreaksYo u)
Ivan Nitchev
Franco, Ivan Biography
About Ivan Oransky
Ivan Chepurnyi
Ivan Martinez

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 Senate / Ivan Creates Drones - John Debney
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 Ella Es Solo Mía (with Oscar Iván Treviño) - La Firma

Watch or bid on odd Ivan collectibles on eBay

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Caran d'Ache Varius Ivanhoe Ivan Hoe Chainmail Rollerball Silver Plated 4470.014


8 5

Russian Niello Silver Snuff Box Moscow 1883 Ivan Semenovich Gubkin


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1952 Topps SETBREAK Ivan Delock #329 PSA 6 EXMT (PWCC)


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Ivan

Spanish: Spanish form of Ivan.
Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovene, English: Newer form of the old Slavic name "Ioannu", which was derived from Greek Ioannes (see John).
Greek: Glorious gift.
Hebrew: Gift from God.
Russian: The Russian form of John: Gracious gift from God. Ivanhoe is the medieval variant Sir Walter Scott used for the Saxon hero of 'Ivanhoe.'.
Slavic: Variant of John. Ivanhoe is the medieval variant Sir Walter Scott used for the Saxon hero of 'Ivanhoe.'.
Spanish: Archer.
Ukrainian: God's gift.

Ivan on the internet

ivan-dominguez.com: www.Ivan-Dominguez.com, Home
ivansnell.com: Ivan Snell | IT Strategy & Innovation
ivan-paley.com: Ivan Paley
ivanandalyosha.com: Ivan & Alyosha
ivansilva.com: Ivan Silva
ivanrublev.me: Ivan Rublev
ivanimages.com: Ivan Images
ivanberrios.com: Ivan Berrios
ivanhenares.com: Ivan About Town
ivanwalsh.com: Ivan Walsh – Freelance Business and Technical Writer …
ivanamodei.com: ON TOUR « Illusionist Ivan Amodei | Official Website
ivanclements.com: Ivan K. Clements, Jr., P.A. | Attorney at Law
ivanrdee.com: Ivan R Dee | Rowman & Littlefield
ivancamilli.com: Ivan Camilli - ANIMATION ILLUSTRATION CHARACTER …

Watch videos that make Ivan unforgettable

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Ivan Te quiero tanto

Ivan, Te quiero tanto..! Cancion que fue todo un exito en voz del español Ivan..! en la decada de los 80's..! Video en HD con una pequeña edicion y con audio digital..!

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En 1981 el idolo juvenil de la epoca Ivan, presento su segundo LP en el programa Aplauso cantando tres canciones: Solo, Es y Te quiero tanto que la podeis ver en este video.

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EL SECRETO DEL TERCER OJO - Ivan Donalson www.ivandonalson.com www.instagram.com/ivandonalson www.facebook.com/ivandonalsonmusic.

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Ivan Soñarte


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