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People named Jan on their name

Jan (born 1977) said:
Best of name: It's quite rare, at least in Finland. Short and punchy, easy to remember. Sounds harmless and positive.Not so good: I'm a male, but in some countries Jan is used as female name.Named after: My mother told me that there was some person in Czechoslovakia that had more or less influence.Experience: Jan Zelezny

Jan (born 1999) from Taiwan said:
Best of name: I'm born on January, and I share this name with a author I like.Not so good: It kind of sounds like John, but I'm a girl and some people say my name is John.Named after: It was simply to save time when you had to write your name on a test, and I was also born in January.Experience: I actually join a Facebook club that had members with names having to do with a month. I kind of helped them finish the collection.

Eminent people named Jan

Jan Andersson, Jan Baptist van Helmont, Jan Brożek, Jan Bulis, Jan Charouz, Jan Christiaan Smuts, Jan Davis, Jan Duursema, Jan Eggum, Jan Einar Thorsen, Jan Eliasson, Jan Frans De Boever, Jan Furtok, Jan Gangelhoff, Jan Hammer, Jan Heemskerk, Jan Heylen, Jan Hlaváč, Jan Hooks, Jan Howard, Jan Ingenhousz, Jan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate, Jan Kaplický, Jan Kjærstad, Jan Koller, Jan Kromkamp, Jan Kubelík, Jan Kuehnemund, Jan Křesadlo, Jan Lechoń, Jan Leeming, Jan Lindblad, Jan Lisiecki, Jan Magnussen, Jan Marijnissen, Jan Morris, Jan Murray, Jan Oort, Jan Palach, Jan Peter Balkenende, Jan Pronk, Jan Raas, Jan Ramberg, Jan Roothaan, Jan Santini Aichel, Jan Smit, Jan Sterling, Jan Swammerdam, Jan Timman, Jan Tinbergen, Jan Ullrich, Jan Verhaas, Jan Vertonghen, Jan Wolkers, Jan Zach, Jan Zrzavý, Jan de Bont, Jan van Goyen, Jan Łukasiewicz, Jan Železný.

What do people named Jan look like

Jan Burkhard
Jan Jongert « Superuse Studios
Jan Nissly
Jan sorğusuna uyğun şekilleri pulsuz yükle, ...
Jan Plane
Why McDonald's U.S. boss Jan Fields is ...
Jan Laurel Coppock
Jan Dunn, Editor
Jan Maria Jackowski

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Jan

Slovak: Slovak form of Johannes.
Dutch, Scandinavian, Czech, Polish, Slovene, German: Form of Johannes.
Medieval English: Medieval English form of John, derived from the Old French form Jehan.
Dutch: Variant of John 'God has been gracious; has shown favor.'.
English: God has been gracious. A variant of John.
Hebrew: Gift from God.
Polish: God is gracious.
Slavic: Variant of John 'God has been gracious; has shown favor.'.
Swedish: Swedish form of John 'gift from God'.

Watch videos that make Jan unforgettable

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JAN Cartoon Animated - Episode 122 - 20 Oct, 2017 , Choonti Detective - See Kids

In this episode JAN is acting like a detective and suddely he found ants in his room. He shows them to his grand mother. She tells him that their is something eatable in your room. So, you...

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JAN Animated Cartoon - New Episode 121 - 13 Oct, 2017 - JAN Ny Pakra Catch - SEE Kids

In this JAN Episode the Jan was dreaming about cricket team. He dreamed that he is cricketer in his dream. When his mother wake up him his dream finished. After that dream he decided to play...

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Jan carton new epicode for winter cycling race


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Drehscheibe Internet: Merkel auf Facebook | NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE mit Jan Böhmermann - ZDFneo

Heute ist euer Lieblings-Spartenkasper vom ZDF unterwegs auf dem privaten Facebook-Profil von Angela Merkel, eurer Lieblings-Spartenparteichefin vom CDU. Vielleicht. Wer gerne mit ihr befreundet...

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