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Jerry (born 1967) from United States, MI said:
Best of name: The capital JNot so good: The "Y" means its overNamed after: After me uncleExperience: It rimes with my twin sisters name Mary

Eminent people named Jerry

Jerry Adler, Jerry Allison, Jerry Bock, Jerry Brown, Jerry Cantrell, Jerry Chamberlain, Jerry Ciccoritti, Jerry Clower, Jerry Collins, Jerry DaVanon, Jerry Dammers, Jerry Douglas, Jerry Edmonton, Jerry Falwell, Jerry Fry, Jerry Garcia, Jerry Goldsmith, Jerry Greenfield, Jerry Hairston Jr., Jerry Hall, Jerry Hsu, Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jerry Keller, Jerry Kelly, Jerry Lawler, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Lordan, Jerry Lucas, Jerry Lynn, Jerry M. Linenger, Jerry Maren, Jerry Martini, Jerry Mercer, Jerry Moore, Jerry O'Connell, Jerry Only, Jerry Paris, Jerry Penrod, Jerry Rawlings, Jerry Reed, Jerry Rice, Jerry Rook, Jerry Royster, Jerry Sheindlin, Jerry Siegel, Jerry Sloan, Jerry Spinelli, Jerry Springer, Jerry Stackhouse, Jerry Stiller, Jerry Supiran, Jerry Tarkanian, Jerry Trainor, Jerry Trimble, Jerry Vale, Jerry Weintraub, Jerry Wexler, Jerry Yang, Jerry Zucker.

What do people named Jerry look like
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Obama To Veto Jerry Jones?
Why did Jerry Lewis leave the Telethon?
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Jerry

English: Diminutive of Jeremy, Jerome, Gerald, Geraldine, and other names beginning with the same sound.
English: A diminutive of a Jeremiah, Jeremy, or Jerome, also used as an independent name. Also a colloquial term for a German soldier. Famous bearer: American comedian-actor Jerry Lewis was born Joseph Levitch.
Greek: Diminutive of Jerome: Holy name. Sacred name.
Hebrew: Diminutive of Jeremiah: May Jehovah exalt. Exalted of the Lord. Jeremiah was a 7th century prophet and the author of the book of Lamentations in the Old Testament. Used commonly in Ireland.

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First Take reacts to Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell in a 'state of war' | First Take | ESPN

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Tom and Jerry - Beefcake Tom 2007 - [ T&J Movie ]

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Tom and Jerry - Episode 74 - Jerry and Jumbo (1951)

Cartoon Fragment Tom and Jerry - Jerry and Jumbo is the 74th one reel animated Tom and Jerry short, created in 1951, directed by William Hanna and Joseph ...

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