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Shivraj Singh Chouhan is known for his philosophical speeches that blend policy highlights, shlokas, and excerpts from the myths.

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Description Shivraj Singh Chauhan
The heir to the erstwhile throne of Jodhpur, ...
Home Minister Shivraj Patil Resigns Over ...
Shivraj Thorat
Shivraj Nashi
Shivraj Berde

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Shivraj Singh and Rise of Madhya Pradesh

by: Abhilash Khandekar
When he made inquiries why his farm labourers had not turned up for work, Prem Singh discovered that a young boy of his own family had stopped them from coming to work. The boy wanted the labourers' daily wages doubled and was trying to unite them against 'grave injustice'. Hamare hi khilaph chup chap mazdooron ki hadtal karwa dali thi usne. The boy was scolded and put under 'house arrest'. The young 'leader' was Shivraj Singh Chouhan (just ten years old then) who registered a hat trick in December 2013 by becoming chief minister of Madhya Pradesh for the third time in a row.
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: - Historical Novel of Shivraj Vijay

by: (Sri Ambikadatta Vyasa)
Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation
Pages: 677
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Raja Shivraj Dharm Bahadur, Hyderabad Photograph, Rare Collectable Photo #355


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India 12cm x 17cm litho Shree Mahalaxmi – Shivraj Litho Nagpur


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The Interview With Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan | FULL SHOW

Shivraj Singh Chouhan - He is being seen as one of the most influential members within the BJP and instrumental in delivering a stellar performance in his state of Madhya Pradesh for 3 consecutive...

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Shivraj singh chauhan in Helicopter


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Shivraj patil chakurkar on Munde


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Shiv Shakti Group's Shivraj Residency

Shiv Shakti Group, a trusted name in Construction Shiv Shakti Group has redefined the building and construction business with unique modern designs.

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