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Angela (born 2001) from Philippines said:
Best of name: Its about angelNot so good: That was adding a in angelaNamed after: Because my cousin male named angeloExperience: There a day I'm so happy but there a day I'm so sad

Eminent people named Angela

Angela Aki, Angela Baddeley, Angela Bassett, Angela Bloomfield, Angela Carter, Angela Cartwright, Angela Chang, Angela Davis, Angela Dimitriou, Angela Georgina Burdett-Coutts, Angela Gheorghiu, Angela Goethals, Angela Gossow, Angela Hewitt, Angela Kinsey, Angela Lansbury, Angela Lindvall, Angela Merici, Angela Merkel, Angela Nikodinov, Angela Park, Angela Rawlings, Angela Rippon, Angela Ruggiero, Angela Shelton, Angela Watson, Ángela Molina.
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 Angela - The Lumineers
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 Angela - dvsn
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 Angela - Toto
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 Angela - The Rippingtons
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 Angela - Jarvis Cocker
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 Angela - William Fitzsimmons
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 Angela - No Use for a Name
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 Angela - Low Cut Connie

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Angela

Spanish: Spanish feminine form of Angelus (see Angel).
Portuguese: Portuguese feminine form of Angelus (see Angel).
English, Italian, German, Dutch, Romanian, Slovene, Slovak, Russian, Late Roman: Feminine form of Angelus (see Angel).
French: Angel.
Greek: Feminine form of Angel, meaning messenger or angel. In 1535, Italian Saint Angela Merici, founded the Ursuline order of nuns at Brescia.
Italian: Feminine form of Angelo: Messenger of God; angel.
Latin: Angel; Messenger.
Spanish: Angel.

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Kuami Eugene - Angela (Official Video)

Listen & Download 'Angela' Here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multi-talented hitmaker, Kuami ...

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The Lumineers - Angela

Cleopatra is the brand new album from The Lumineers Order on the Official Store: Order on iTunes: ...

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Angela Merkel speaks on the future of Europe in the European Parliament - watch live

German chancellor Angela Merkel addresses European Parliament in Strasbourg in debate on the future of Europe. Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ...

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Saian Supa Crew - angela

Music video by Saian Supa Crew performing Angela.

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