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Anna (born 1974) from United States said:
Best of name: Easy to spell, I can blend in, l can look like anyone.Not so good: Rhymes with banana.Named after: Named for a tv character- That Girl. Her name was Anne Marie but mom didn't care for Anne so she picked Anna.Experience: I've know a few other Annas but none with my humor.

Anna (born 1985) from United States, MS said:
Best of name: It compliments my middle name , it sounds very sweet.Not so good: Not anythingNamed after: After an auntExperience: My granny used to call me and a friend named anna , anner with an r on the end, it was her accent and I miss that.

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A user from Greece said:
Best of name: Sounds sweetNot so good: Nothing

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 Anna - The Beatles
15 2
 Anna - Gunnar Madsen
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 Elsa and Anna - Christophe Beck
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American NY Massachusetts Artist Anna Richards Brewster Landscape oil painting


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'Anna Petyarre (Pitjara), Highly collectable Aboriginal art. Inc,COA and Photo's


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Mahiya Berenice Anna Gertrude
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Anna

English, Italian, German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Finnish, Estonian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Icelandic, Catalan, Provençal, Breton, Biblical, Old Church Slavic, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek: Form of Channah (see Hannah) used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament.
Arthurian Legend: Arthur's sister.
Biblical: Gracious; one who gives.
English: Variant of Anne, meaning favor; grace.
Greek: A variant of Hannah. In Virgil's 'Aeneid', Anna was sister of Dido, Queen of Carthage. According to an apocryphal gospel, Anna was also the mother of the Virgin Mary.
Hebrew: Favour or grace. Prayer. God has favoured me. Variant of Hannah.
Latin: Variant of Anne. Biblical; devout woman who saw infant Jesus presented at the temple in Jerusalem. Daughter of Dido.
Native American: Mother (Algonquin).
Russian: Grace.
Swedish: Grace.

Anna on the internet American Nephrology Nurses Association

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Moving Day ! Elsa and Anna toddlers are packing

In this toys dolls parody video Anna and Elsa toddlers are packing their clothes and other stuff because they are moving to a new house! Watch the video and ...

6 4

Paintballs ! Elsa and Anna toddlers playing with colors - water fun - splash

In this toys dolls parody video Anna and Elsa toddlers have a cool surprise…they are outdoors having fun with paintballs ! Watch the video to see what happens ...

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Seesaw ! Elsa and Anna - playground - slide - Barbie - games - park - picnic

In this toys dolls parody video Anna and Elsa toddlers are at the playground having fun at the seesaw, slide, playing games, enjoying food and ice cream. Watch ...

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SLIME Bath ! Elsa and Anna toddlers - prank - fun - playdate - joke - party

In this toys dolls parody video Anna and Elsa toddlers have a slime party ! They get so many different cans of slime. Shiny slime, mermaid slime, sparkly slime, ...

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