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Eminent people named Astrid

Astrid Jacobsen, Astrid Lindgren, Astrid Varnay, Astrid Zachrison.
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 Astrid - Brian Tyler
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 Astrid - Alberto Pedraza Con Su Ritmo y Sabor
4 1
 Astrid Goes For a Spin - John Powell & Gavin Greenaway
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 Astrid - The Legendary Pink Dots
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 Astrid - Fristik
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 Astrid - Happy Hollows
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 Astrid - Pretentious Moi?
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 Astrid - Alberto Pedraza
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 Astrid - Indian Summer Jars
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 Astrid - We Are the City
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 Astrid - Astari Nite

Watch or bid on odd Astrid collectibles on eBay

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ALL Saints Taupe merino wool ASTRID knit dress M uk 10 12 Used twice only


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ASTRID VARNAY operatic recital / REMINGTON RLP 199-53


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ASTRID VARNAY operatic recital / REMINGTON RLP 199-45


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Astrid

Danish: Divine strength.
Norse: Divine strength.
Scandinavian: Godly strength. Derived from Germanic compounds meaning divine strength, or divine beauty. Astrid has been used by Norway's royal families for hundreds of years. Famous bearers: King Olaf I's mother; the Swedish wife of King Olaf II.
Swedish: Divine strength.
Teutonic: Impulsive.

Watch videos that make Astrid unforgettable

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Astrid S - Emotion

Astrid S - Emotion (Official music video) Directed by: Andreas Öhman Produced by: Naïve Society Listen to Emotion here: ...

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Astrid - Terpukau (Video Clip)

Music video by Astrid performing Terpukau. (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia.

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Astrid - Mendua (Video Clip)

Music video by Astrid performing Mendua. (C)2012 Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia.

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Astrid S - Hurts So Good

Stream/download Hurts So Good here: Watch more Astrid S videos here: Click here to subscribe: ...

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