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People named Belinda on their name

Belinda (born 1958) from United Kingdom said:
Best of name: Very unique and rareNot so good: Not many others called it why?Named after: Jimmy young's daughterExperience: Very rarely. I met a belinda in mozambique from uk working there. There is a song in Kenya with belinda in it

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A user from Australia said:
Best of name: Interesting meaning(s). Pretty.Not so good: The letter 'B' is not overwhemingly attractive

Eminent people named Belinda

Belinda Carlisle, Belinda Emmett, Belinda Stronach.

What made Belinda famous

Belinda McClory (born 1 November 1968) is an Australian film, television and stage actress, mainly known for her role in The Matrix.
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 Belinda - Ben Folds & Nick Hornby
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 Belinda - Eurythmics
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 Belinda - Bobbie Gentry
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 Belinda - Jake Chimento
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 Belinda - Gianni Morandi
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 Belinda - M. Pokora
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 Belinda - Cookie & the Cupcakes
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 Belinda - Ofori Amponsah
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 Belinda - Grady Harrell
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 Belinda - Remedies

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Belinda Lyon Oxfam Tea Towel. Antony & Cleopatra. Irish Linen


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Roza Berenice Belinda Gertrude
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Belinda

English: The meaning of this name is not known for certain.
English: Very beautiful.
German: From the Old German Betlindis, which is derived from the word for snake.
Italian: Serpentine.
Latin: Very beautiful.
Spanish: Attractive.

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Lerica, Belinda - Un Traguito

Un Traguito, single ya disponible en tu plataforma digital: Sigue a Lérica en: YouTube: Facebook: ...

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Belinda - Angel [Official Music Video]

[watch in high quality] Belinda: Angel. From: Belinda.

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Belinda - Dopamina

Music video by Belinda performing Dopamina. (P) (C) 2011 Capitol Latin. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.

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M. Pokora - Belinda (Clip officiel)


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