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Eminent people named Christie

Christie Brinkley, Christie Clark, Christie Hayes, Christie Hefner.
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 Christie Road - Green Day
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 Christie Lee - Billy Joel
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 Glorylight and Christie - Cotton Jones
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 Christie - Michael England
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 Corpus Christie Bayq - Darren Kozelsky & Chris Claridy
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 Stabitha Christie - Against Me!
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 CHRISTIE's ending - Namco Sounds
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 SHADES of CHRISTIE - michael ghegan

Watch or bid on odd Christie collectibles on eBay

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Montblanc Agatha Christie limited edition 1993 Fountain Pen New w/ Box


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1915 Cracker Jack #88 Christy Mathewson SGC 40 vg


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Vintage 1916 SPORTING LIFE Full Magazine w/ Ty Cobb Cover + Christy Mathewson


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Christie

English: Diminutive of Christine.
English: Diminutives of any masculine or feminine name begining with Christ-, for example Christahel, Christian, or Christopher.
Greek: Feminine form of Christopher: From the Greek word meaning 'carrier of Christ', Famous bearer: St Christopher, patron Saint of travellers, is believed to have carried the Christ-child across a river.
Irish: Abbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ.
Latin: Diminutive of Christahel: Beautiful Christian, from 'Christus' meaning Christ and 'bella' meaning beautiful.
Scottish: Abbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ.

Christie on the internet Audio Visual Solutions | Christie

Watch videos that make Christie unforgettable

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Christie - San Bernadino 1970

Best Quality, full-length video, the original audio has been replaced with new quality stereo-sound, ripped from the CD.

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Christie - Yellow River - 1970

Video original de 1970 filmado en el río Támesis, junto al Big Ben en Londres, Inglaterra.

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How To Attract Abundance With Energy Clearing | Christie Marie Sheldon

In this video, filmed at A-Fest, Christie Marie Sheldon reveals how your abundance blocks are keeping you from attracting the financial prosperity and success ...

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Christie: San Bernadino

Christie preview San Bernadino on the BBC's Top Of The Pops in October, 1970.

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