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A) because I'm interested in a well-known person named Christy
B) because Christy is a beloved one of mine
C) because my very own name is Christy!
D) but I'm just browsing

People related to Christy on the name

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 Christy - Natalie Prass
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 Christy - Joey Altruda
8 5
 Christy Christmas - Brenda Lee
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 Aunti Christy/Harlow - White Witch
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 Christy Barry's No. 2 - Le Ceoltóiri Cultúrlainne
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 Christy - Three Weeks
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 Christy Barry's Set - Kevin Crawford

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T205 Sweet Caporal Gold Border CHRISTY MATHEWSON ... GRADED PSA 6


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1st / 1st 1928 RARE Agatha Christie MYSTERY OF THE BLUE TRAIN - ORIGINAL DJ !!!!


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1909 T206 Christy Mathewson PORTRAIT Piedmont 150 PSA 1 - Nicer


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Christy

English: Diminutive of Christine.
English: Diminutives of any masculine or feminine name begining with Christ-, for example Christahel, Christian, or Christopher. Variant of Christiana. Follower of Christ.
Greek: Feminine form of Christopher: From the Greek word meaning 'carrier of Christ', Famous bearer: St Christopher, patron Saint of travellers, is believed to have carried the Christ-child across a river.
Irish: Abbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ.
Latin: Diminutive of Christahel, meaning beautiful Christian, from 'Christus' meaning Christ and 'bella' meaning beautiful. Also a variant of Christiana, meaning Follower of Christ.
Scottish: Abbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ.

Christy on the internet Pinehurst Florist - Flower Delivery by Christy's Flower Stall Christy's Bar-B-Que

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The Voice Teens Philippines Blind Audition: Christy Lagapa - Baliw

The Voice Teens is a Philippine reality singing television competition for teens that airs on ABS-CBN. It is based on the Dutch reality singing competition of the ...

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Christy Moore - Ordinary Man (Live Video)

Christy Moore's official live video for 'Ordinary Man'. Click to listen to Christy Moore on Spotify: As featured on Ordinary Man ...

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BFF TAG | 跟我们一起画面膜 Ft. Christy(包包大抽查)

周末了!来搞事情!!! 看看我跟Christy的合作影片!我们给对方画丑八怪面膜+回答大家的问题+翻包包! 大家快去sub她的频道~

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Christy Pilot Part 1/10

Kellie Martin, Tyne Daly, Stewart Finlay-Mclennan, and Randall Batinkoff star in Christy, the television series based on Catherine Marshall's novel based on her ...

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