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A) because I'm interested in a well-known person named Diana
B) because Diana is a beloved one of mine
C) because my very own name is Diana!
D) but I'm just browsing

People named Diana on their name

Diana (born 1994) said:
Best of name: Princess dianaNot so good: People misspell itNamed after: Princess dianaExperience: Diana's are perfectionists and want to be the best

Diana (born 1999) from Singapore said:
Best of name: Turf6rt5eNamed after: Mkjk98127e41Experience: Bc n szbxuhqsty7621531v x wuqt

People related to Diana on the name

Eminent people named Diana

Diana Barrymore, Diana Danielle Dannye Beeson, Diana Darvey, Diana DeGarmo, Diana Dors, Diana E. H. Russell, Diana Gurtskaya, Diana Hyland, Diana King, Diana Krall, Diana K├Ârner, Diana Lynn, Diana Muldaur, Diana Nyad, Diana Quick, Diana Ross, Diana Scarwid, Diana Taurasi, Diana Vreeland, Diana Wynne Jones, Diana Wynyard.
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 Diana - One Direction
14 5
 Diana - Paul Anka
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 Diana - Paolo Nutini
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 Diana - Interface
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 Diana - Tekno
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 Diana - Earth, Wind & Fire
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 Diana - Nerf Herder
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 Diana - Wayne Shorter
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 Diana - Alexander "Skip" Spence
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 Diana - Waterdeep

Watch or bid on odd Diana collectibles on eBay

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Diana

Hungarian: Hungarian form of Diana.
English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, German, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Lithuanian, Roman Mythology: Probably derived from an old Indo-European root meaning "heavenly, divine", related to dyeus (see Zeus).
Biblical: Luminous, perfect.
French: From the Greek goddess of the moon.
Latin: Fertile. God, devine. Famous bearers: Diana was the Roman goddess of fertility and childbirth, of hunting, and the moon. The late Lady Diana Spencer, often called 'Lady Di', married British Prince Charles and became Princess Diana of Wales.
Shakespearean: 'All's Well That Ends Well.' Daughter to the Widow of Florence.

Diana on the internet

diana.com: Diana
dianarossofficialfanclub.com: Diana Ross | The Official Fan Club

Watch videos that make Diana unforgettable

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Diana - LIKE IT - Kids Song (Official Video)

Diana - LIKE IT - Kids Song (Official Video). La la la la la la like it song from little Diana! Diana's INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/kidsdianashow/ ...

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Diana Pretend Play Dress Up and Make Up Toys

In the new room, Diana has nothing the little girl needs. She is upset. Dad and Roma brings Diana dresses, jewelry and makeup toys. Diana`s INSTAGRAM ...

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Diana and Monsters under the Bed

Diana heard a knock under the bed. The little girl thought it was monsters and was scared. Diana distracted by playing with toys and then recognized her brother ...

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Diana and GRINCH who stole New Year's Presents

Diana, Roma and Nastya gathered to celebrate the New Year. But suddenly something incredible happened. Grinch stole all New Year's presents. Diana`s ...

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