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People named Ellen on their name

Ellen (born 1981) from Brazil said:
Best of name: It means light! So Ellen shines....Not so good: Nothing!Named after: Mommy likes it...

Ellen (born 1997) from United Kingdom said:
Best of name: Nothing other than sharing it with Ellen Pompeo because she's perfectNot so good: Most thingsNamed after: Because "I had an old fashioned face"

Eminent people named Ellen

Ellen Barkin, Ellen Burstyn, Ellen Church, Ellen Cleghorne, Ellen Corby, Ellen Datlow, Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen Demming, Ellen Forney, Ellen G. White, Ellen Glasgow, Ellen Goodman, Ellen Greene, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Ellen Kuras, Ellen McIlwaine, Ellen Muth, Ellen Nikolaysen, Ellen Osiier, Ellen Page, Ellen Pompeo, Ellen Reid, Ellen Roosevelt, Ellen Schrecker, Ellen Swallow Richards, Ellen Terry, Ellen Willis, Ellen van Langen.
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 Ellen - Brian Bromberg
12 2
 Ellen - Protomartyr
2 0
 Ellen - Pain
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 Poor Ellen Smith - Robert Earl Keen
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 Ellen - 10,000 Maniacs
12 0
 The Mary Ellen Carter - Stan Rogers
2 0
 Ellen - Brian Kingston
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 Ellen's Song - Emily Bear
15 1
 Ellen - Chasing Blue
10 0
 Ellen and Ben - The Dismemberment Plan
8 1
 Ellen's Chants, D. 839: Ave Maria - Café Concerto

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"Shao He Tong" (Little Black Coal) Limited Edition #3/10 by Ellen Kislingbury


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Ellen Tracy Womens Blue Animal Print Hooded Down Coat Outerwear M BHFO 5385


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NEW Business English by Mary Ellen Guffey with Answers


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Ellen

English: Medieval English form of Helen.
Dutch: Short form of Eleonora.
English: A variant of the Greek Helen, meaning shining light, or most beautiful woman. Famous bearer: British actress Dame Ellen Terry.
Greek: Variant of Helen: Shining light. The bright one.

Ellen on the internet

ellentube.com: ellentube — Celebrity Interviews, Original Series ...

Watch videos that make Ellen unforgettable

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Ellen Explains Why It's Getting Harder for Passengers to Fly

Ellen has noticed, from \

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Ellen and Portia Encountered Shark While Paddle Boarding

Ellen and Portia decided to try paddle boarding for the first time, but little did they know it would turn into a great white shark encounter!

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Ellen Says Goodbye to Andy's Assistant with a Few Scares

Over the years, Ellen has scared Andy's assistant, Jacqueline, a number of times, so obviously the only proper goodbye was to scare her one last time... or a few ...

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Ellen Takes Her Workout Routine to the Show

Ellen has a busy schedule, so she's using her show to stay in shape, and you probably won't even notice that she's working out.

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