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C) because my very own name is Gisele!
D) but I'm just browsing
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 Gisele - Jean-Michel Jarre & Sébastien Tellier
10 0
 Gisele - Luiz Bonfá
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 Gisele - Orchestre Septentrional
13 0
 Gisele - Ensemble Aux Calebasses
8 3
 Gisele - Michal Ho
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 Gisele - Papash
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 Gisele - Christian Escoudé
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 Gisele - Paul Smith
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 Gisele - Guy Pageot
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 Gisele - Peggy Sugarhill
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 Gisele Bundchen - Papa Razzi and The Photogs
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 Gisele - Lanzi
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 Gisele Bundchen - The Celebrities
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 Gisele - Shoubou

Watch or bid on odd Gisele collectibles on eBay

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Integrity Toys Fashion Royalty Sisters Moguls Agnes and Giselle Giftset NRFB  


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TOMMY HILFIGER Giselle reversible wool coat: size 10 loose fit Navy / Grey


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Lole Gisele Down Jacket - Women's S /41633/


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Gilian Berenice Gisele Gertrude
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Gisele

French: French form of Giselle.
Teutonic: Oath.

Gisele on the internet Gisele Bündchen

Watch videos that make Gisele unforgettable

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Toddlerography w/ Gisele Bündchen

James and Gisele Bündchen take their dance abilities and fitness to a new level when they sign up for a dance class taught by toddlers. 100% of the Proceeds ...

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Gisele Bundchen on how she rose up from 'rock bottom'

The supermodel speaks out in a wide-ranging new interview about overcoming her mental health struggles, parenting and her relationship with Tom Brady.

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Gisele Bündchen Is a Certified Chopper Pilot

After James asks Janelle Monáe about her special hair machine allowing her to sport the perfect Monáe -- not pompadour -- any time, James has some ...

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Gio Ewbank recebe Gisele Bundchen para um super papo sobre vida,carreira,além de muitas curiosidades.Gisele também fala sobre o lançamento do seu livro ...

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