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People named Gladys on their name

Gladys (born 1996) from United States, CA said:
Best of name: Not that many girls are named Gladys.Not so good: You cannot make a nickname for Gladys.Named after: One of my mom's friends was named Gladys, she was smart, humble and very respectful, she wanted me to be like that.Experience: Yes, I met Gladys in my AP Spanish class but she was a year younger so I still felt alright with that. After a couple of days, she dropped out.

Eminent people named Gladys

Gladys Brockwell, Gladys Knight, Gladys Noon Spellman.

What made Gladys famous

Gladys Knight is famous for her chicken and waffles.
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 Gladys - Lionel Hampton & Stan Getz
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 Gladys - Sandpeople
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 Gladys - Geno Young
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 Gladys - Sapient
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 Gladys - Awilo Longomba
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 Gladys - Webert Sicot
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 Gladys - Shana Morrison
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 Gladys - Raul Ruiz y Su Orquesta
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 Gladys - Sagittarius
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 Ellen Calls Gladys - Gladys Hardy
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 Gladys - Orchestre Septentrional
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 Poor Old Ugly Gladys Jones - Don Bowman
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 Gladys - Sebongile Kgaila
18 1
 Gladys - Nemours Jean-Baptiste

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Gladys Glady Boalt hand made Ornament Alice and Wonderland Queen of Hearts dress


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Gladys Boalt Christmas Ornament black doll Mammy Song of the South 1986


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Gladys

Welsh, English: From the old Welsh name Gwladus, possibly derived from gwlad "country".
French: Variant of Claudia: A feminine form of Claud, a variant of the Latin Claudium meaning lame. Claudia was mentioned in the book of Timothy in the New Testament, and has been common in the English-speaking world since the 16th century.
Latin: Sword.
Welsh: Derived from the old Welsh name Gwladys, a variant of Claudia, meaning lame. Also derived from the Welsh 'gwledig', meaning territorial ruler. Famous bearer: British actress Dame Gladys Cooper.

Gladys on the internet Gladys - Online Collaboration and Innovation tools and ... gladys nyc

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Friends - Gladys, Phoebe's painting

Friends Season 10 Episode 6 \

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Friends - Gladys Subtitulado.

Gladys. Extracto del capítulo original \

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Gladys Muñoz en Menap | Vigilia Abril 2017 [HD]

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