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Greta (born 1963) from United States, LA said:
Best of name: UniqueNamed after: The 1950's TV show "How to Marry a Millionaire". Greta, Loco,and Mike were the main characters. Greta was played by Lori Nelson.Experience: I was in the waiting room of a doctor's office. The nurse called out "Greta" and another woman stood up at the same time I did. That had certainly never happened to me before. It was actually the other Greta that was being called into the back. I was actually a little angry about this other Greta.

Eminent people named Greta

Greta Garbo, Greta Keller, Greta Kempton, Greta Scacchi.
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 Greta - Widespread Panic
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 Greta - Stevie Nicks
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 Greta - Cate Le Bon
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 Greta - Dog Fashion Disco
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 Greta - Kaolin
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 Greta - Alan Pasqua

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Two Tickets and Meet & Greet to Greta Van Fleet Headlining Show of Choice


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Furla of Italy Greta Black crock pattern leather large tote hand bag


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Greta

Hungarian: Hungarian diminutive of Margaréta.
Swedish, German, English: Short form of Margareta.
German: Pearl. Abbreviation of Margaret. A diminutive of Margaret, meaning pearl.
Greek: Variant of Margaret: Pearl.
Persian: Variant of Margaret: Child of light. Famous Bearer: Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Scandinavian: Pearl. Abbreviation of Margaret.
Swedish: A diminutive of Margaret, meaning pearl. Famous bearer: Swedish actress Greta Garbo.

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Greta Van Fleet - When The Curtain Falls

When the Curtain Falls (Official Video) Song available here: Connect with Greta Van Fleet: ...

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Greta van Fleet | Live at KCRW 22/6/18

Credits: Recording Engineer: Mario Diaz Sound Intern: Kenny Field Web Video Producers: Pat Jewett, Michael Verdin, Patricia Varas, Andrew Weilert Host: ...

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Playmobil Film deutsch - Greta lernt Radfahren - Familie Jansen / Kinderfilm / Kinderserie

Greta möchte unbedingt Fahrrad fahren lernen. Anna kann es ja schon, aber niemand hat Zeit es ihr beizubringen. Was führt Greta nun im Schilde?

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La canzone degli animali - Balliamo con Greta - Canzoni per bambini di Coccole Sonore

Non perdere il libro di Greta \

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