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Heather's First Day of School Night Routine!

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Heather's First Day of School Night Routine!

Since this week's theme on SevenPerfectAngels is Routine, today Heather shows you her night routine for the night before the first day of school! Thanks for ...

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The Day Heather Became VERY Lazy!

After a long week of school, the last thing Heather wants to do is a HUGE list of chores. How can she escape? By being LAZY! As Heather attempts to be lazy for ...

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Is Heather...Jealous?!

Heather's parents leave for a few days, so they invited over a nanny to take care of Heather and her brother. Is Heather being ignored by the nanny? Is Heather.

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My Jealous Sister Is A VAMPIRE !

The amazing day Heather has is the last thing her sister, Valerie the Vampire, wants to hear. Valerie had a horrible day at school! Jealously spikes up, and and ...

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Heather's Morning Routine!

This week, Heather shows you her morning routine for school! Enjoy! Music by Kevin Macleod: Windswept, Urban Gauntlet, Life of Riley, Kawai Kitsune, Itty Bitty ...

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Heather's After School Routine!

Here is a look at what Heather does when she gets home from school! Thank you so much for watching! ~Heather.

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Heather's AMAZING Talking Pet!

When Kool Kat strikes up a conversation with Heather, she is amazed that her pet can talk! Who Knew? Heather and Kool Kat become fast friends, but the fun ...

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YouTuber Heather & The Bratty Princess Switch Lives!!

All the Bratty Princess wants is to have a more exciting life, rather than just sitting around and calling orders all day. All Heather the YouTuber wants is to be able ...

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No School ! Heather's Snow Day!

When Heather wakes up to a bunch of snow on the ground, she is so excited! “Snow Day!” Heather screams with joy. All this snow must mean school's cancelled ...

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Heather And The Invisible Prankster!

Selfie Sabrina isn't very happy to see Heather outside on a beautiful summer's day, enjoying the sun without her. As a result of this, Sabrina has a plan. With her ...

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Heather and Alan’s Tango - Dancing with the Stars

Heather Morris and Alan Bersten Tango to \

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Heather doesn't want to go to the BBQ!

When Heather realizes she has to go to a mandatory back to school BBQ, she is speechless. There is no way Heather can go to this BBQ, as last time she went, ...

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Heather Tries To Be a Mom...EPIC FAIL!

Uh oh! Heather's mom is sick!, and It's now up to Heather to become a 'Mom for the day', in order for the house to stay under control. “Simple enough…” Heather ...

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Connor says goodbye to Heather

Heather MacDonald Daughter to a blacksmith named Angus MacDonald, Heather married Connor MacLeod in 1537. For some time, Immortal Juan Sanchez ...

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Heather and Maks’ Waltz - Dancing with the Stars

Heather Morris and Maks Chmerkovskiy dance the Waltz to \

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Heather's Halloween Expectations vs Reality!

This week, Heather decides to show you some sweet Expectation vs. Reality moments for Halloween! From costumes to candy to carving, join Heather as her ...

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Heather Oh No! Heather Looks Like A Nightmare!

Heather got an invitation to her high school's welcome BBQ, which for her is a big deal. She has to look perfect for this event, as it's the biggest social event of the ...

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Heather's DIY Rainbow Room Decor!

This week on SevenPerfectAngels, Heather shows you five awesome rainbow DIYs for your room! From crayon art room decor to delicious popsicles, these ...

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Heathers \

I DO NOT OWN THIS, it's for entertaining purposes only * from \

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Heather's Missing Prankster Powers?!

In this week's video, Heather shows you her secret power: to be able to freeze time! She uses this power ALL THE TIME to prank her brothers. However ...

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Heather's cRaZy Prom Date!

Ahh... prom. One of the most exciting times of the year. You and your friends get to dress up and have fun! Everybody has different experiences-great, terrible, ...

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The Voice Teens Philippines Blind Audition: Heather Hawkins - Make You Feel My Love

The Voice Teens is a Philippine reality singing television competition for teens that airs on ABS-CBN. It is based on the Dutch reality singing competition of the ...

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Heather's Biggest Fear!

Heather's Biggest Fear!

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The FNaF Show - Episode 3 ft. Heather Masters (Baby)

Leave a like if you enjoyed today's video! Lots of love! Heather: https://twitter.com/iheathermasters FNAF SHOW MERCH: MERCH: ...

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Heather's morning forecast: Monday, January 21, 2019

Heather Mathis' early morning forecast for Monday, January 21, 2019. Cold weather continues to be the theme outside today! Sunshine returns but highs will ...

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