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Eminent people named Heidi

Heidi Cortez, Heidi Fleiss, Heidi Klum, Heidi Kozak, Heidi Mueller, Heidi Range.
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 Heidi - Jeremy Messersmith
0 0
 Heidi - Brigitte und Birgit
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 Heidi Hoe - Common
13 4
 Heidi Bruehl - Tosca
6 0
 Heidi - Das Hans Glicka Singers & Orchestra
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 Heidi - Drunk Stuntmen
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 Heidi Is a Headcase - Ramones
11 0
 Heidi - Amelia Warner
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 Heidi - Fabio Cobelli & Daria Toffali
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 Heidi - Massimo Faraò
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 Heidi's Growl - The Town Pants
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 White Rose for Heidi - Doyle Dykes
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 Heidi - Ruby

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Historic meaning and origin of the name Heidi

German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Finnish, English: German diminutive of Adelheid.
French: Variant of Adelaide: Nobility. French form of the Old German Adalheidis, a compound of 'athal' (noble) and 'haida' (hood). Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, was named after Queen Adelaide, 19th century King William IV's consort.
German: Noble. The German form of Adelaide. Famous bearer: heroine of Johanna Spyri's classic children's novel 'Heidi'.

Watch videos that make Heidi unforgettable

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Heidi - Piep, de vogel - Aflevering 4

Heidi vindt een gewond vogeltje. Ze wil Peter om hulp vragen, maar die is niet thuis. Zijn oma zegt dat ze zomeralsem moet zoeken, Peter weet waar dat groeit.

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Heidi - De geheime boomhut - Aflevering 5

Theresa, William en Karl willen de geheime plek van Peter vinden omdat ze denken dat daar een schat verstopt is. Heidi en Peter bedenken een plan om hen ...

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HEIDI - EPISODE 37 - THE WHEELCHAIR Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/SubscribeKidsTVEnglish Check out our playlists: http://bit.ly/KidsTVPlaylists ...

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Live with Heidi Swapp Creativation 2019

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