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Eminent people named Isabella

Isabella Glyn, Isabella Hofmann, Isabella Jagiełło, Isabella Leonarda, Isabella Leong Lok-Sze, Isabella Maria of Parma, Isabella Rossellini, Isabella Soprano, Isabella d'Este, Isabella de Coucy, Isabella of Burgundy, Isabella of Naples, Isabella of Portugal, Isabella of Valois.
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 Isabella - Dia Frampton
11 4
 Isabella - Gregg Karukas
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 Isabella - The Statesboro Revue
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 Isabella - Melvins
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 Isabella - The Happy Birthday Singers
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 Isabella - Mediaeval Baebes
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 Isabella - Taranda Greene
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 Isabella - Irmãos Verdades
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 Isabella of Castile - STRFKR
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 Isabella - Sauti Sol
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 Isabella - Kenny Burrell
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 Isabella - Woolfy vs. Projections
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 Oh, Isabella - Clutch

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1893 Isabella Commemorative Quarter, Sought After Better Date Commem!


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Isabella

Italian, Spanish, German, English, Scandinavian, Dutch, Romanian: Latinate form of Isabel.
Hebrew: Devoted to God.
Italian: Italian form of Isabel: consecrated to God.
Shakespearean: 'Measure for Measure' Sister to Claudio.
Spanish: My God is bountiful. God of plenty. Devoted to God. A Spanish variant of Elizabeth.

Watch videos that make Isabella unforgettable

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Search - Isabella

(185) Kalau kita mencari sesuatu di internet namanya Search atau cari. Tapi kalau kelompok Search ini gak usah kita cari, pasti ada di chanel saya. Kelompok ...

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Isabella - Irmaos Verdades

Clip Isabelle d' Irmaos Verdades.

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Isabella Preview purposes

Isbella is a telenovela produced by Avant Films.

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Isabella 98 (Jamal, Saleem, Amy, Zamani) Sukom 1998


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