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Jennifer (born 1978) from Germany said:

What made Jennifer famous

Jennifer Lawrence is a versatile actress known for her roles in 'Winter’s Bone,' 'The Hunger Games,' 'X-Men' and 'Joy.'
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 Jennifer - Trinidad Cardona
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 Jennifer - Styx
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 Jennifer - Eurythmics
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 Jennifer - Bobby Sherman
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 Jennifer - Hightide Blues
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 Jennifer - Axe
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 Jennifer - Ron Pope & The District
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 Jennifer - Pig Destroyer
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 Jennifer - Fazerdaze
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 Jennifer - MCC [Magna Carta Cartel]
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 Jennifer - Jodeci
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 Jennifer - Sleeping Wolf
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 Jennifer - Faust

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Vancouver Olympic Torch signed by Gold Medalist Jennifer Heil


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Mister Babadook 1st edition JENNIFER KENT POP-UP Book Handmade limited to 2000


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Jennifer Lopez Pure Egyptian Cotton Dobby Stripe 600 Thread Count King Sheet Set


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Historic meaning and origin of the name Jennifer

English: From a Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar (see Guinevere).
Arthurian Legend: Variant of Guinevere: Fair one. Guinevere was King Arthur's mythological queen.
Celtic: White wave.
Cornish: Fair and yielding. Variant of Guinevere.
English: Fair one. Variant of Guinevere. In Arthurian Mythology Guinevere was Arthur's queen.
Welsh: Fair one. Variant of Guinevere. In Arthurian Mythology Guinevere was Arthur's queen.

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Jennifer Keesmaat makes concession speech after John Tory wins mayoral election

Jennifer Keesmaat took to the stage to thank her supporters and family after John Tory was overwhelmingly elected to a second four year term as mayor of ...

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Investigating the disappearance of Jennifer Hillier-Penney (Part 2) - The Fifth Estate

In the almost two years since Jennifer Hillier-Penney vanished without a trace in the small town of St. Anthony, N.L., her family and friends have become ...

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JENNIFER SONG GUY SINGING ON FACEBOOK TRINIDAD CARDONA The video from facebook where a guy is singing the \

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Dr. Jennifer Daniels - Candida, Turpentine & Answering Your Health Questions

Check out: The Features of this website include: -The Health Tracker -Podcasts -Webinars -E-Books -Video Courses ...

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