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People named Lara on their name

Lara (born 2003) from said:
Best of name: Its not commonNot so good: It’s simpleNamed after: They liked itExperience: Everybody gets it wrong

Lara (born 1988) from United States, WV said:
Best of name: Its relatively unique, I haven't yet met anyone else with my name. Its also a traditional name not a fashionable one. I like itNot so good: People upon first meeting me think my name is LAURA. I resent thatNamed after: Doctor ZhivagoExperience: Theres one person I know , to this day still calls me Laura no matter how many times I correct her

Eminent people named Lara

Lara Cox, Lara Dutta, Lara Flynn Boyle, Lara Jill Miller, Lara Liang, Lara Logan, Lara Parker, Lara Sacher, Lara Spencer.
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 Lara - Paper Route
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 La chanson de Lara - Andrea Bocelli
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 Lara's Theme (From "Dr. Zhivago") - Roger Williams
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 Lara's Theme (Doctor Zhivago) - Giampaolo Pasquile
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 Lara's Theme - Roy Clark
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 Lara - Pedro Guerra
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 Lara's Theme - London Philharmonic Orchestra
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 Lara - Luca Mundaca

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New LK Bennett Dr LARA / LASA Blue Poppy Dress SIZE 2/ UK10/ US 6


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Ahlayna Berenice Lara Gertrude
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Historic meaning and origin of the name Lara

Icelandic: Icelandic form of Laura.
Russian, English, German, Slovene: Russian short form of Larisa.
Latin: Famous.
Russian: Protection. Cheerful. Adopted from Latin.
Scottish: Mare.
Spanish: Protection. Popular surname and place name.

Lara on the internet Evening Wear | New York | Lara Designs LÄRABAR | Simple. Pure. Delicious.

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LARA - Episodul 7 RÄ‚UL E APROAPE Contact for licensing : Produs de Mixton Movie, o divizie ...

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OMAR - Lara (Official Video) by TommoProduction

Buy now on iTunes: Licensing: Facebook ...

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Dialog Senja - Lara (Lyric Video)

Artist: Dialog Senja Song Title: Lara Album: Single Country: Indonesia Year: 2017 Photos by : Reza Hernawan Folkslokal does not claim ownership and ...

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Lara Oh Lara: Episod 1

Apaaa??? Lara Alana kejut Awal & Scha bangun pagi? Pandainya si comel ni! Bukan setakat tu je tau. Banyak lagi aktiviti yang Lara buat sepanjang hari.

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